In a commercial setting liquid spills or wet floors can be extremely dangerous, especially if someone slips and falls because they didn't see the warning sign. Plus, leaving a floor wet will make it dirtier than before as the dirt from people's shoes is transferred back on to your clean floors! However, Minuteman vacuums come to your rescue with their excellent range of tank vacuum cleaners specially engineered for both wet and dry applications.

The 290 series Minuteman vacuums are available in 4, 6, 15 and 20 gallon tank sizes, with tanks that are made of durable polyethylene which is almost indestructible. The seven year warranty is an added bonus that will make certain you and your Minuteman vacuums will have a very long life together. The larger models come with either single, twin or triple motors that can function separately or at the same time making for some powerful suction.

The Minuteman tank vacuums come with tool kits for both dry and wet applications including a variety of attachments for all your cleaning requirements. This series also comes with standard swivel cuff hose connectors that eliminate the need for hose binding. With these vacuum cleaners any liquid spills can be cleaned up and removed quickly and easily. The tip and pour system to empty the unit makes the process even more efficient.

Minuteman VacuumThe wide are squeegee that is an optional accessory for the 15 and 20 gallon units makes picking up large amounts of liquid simple and efficient, making it ideal for drying floors.

The 390 series Minuteman vacuums are designed for easy recovery and removal of non-flammable liquids. This range of vacuum cleaners features tanks that are made of non-corrosive polyethylene that is also dent proof, making this a unit that will provide many years of efficient and dependable service. This vacuum features a pump out system that means you won't have to lift the tank when you are emptying it as you can drain the tank straight into any floor drain, toilet bowls or even regular sinks.

The motor is designed to be resistant to moisture meaning that it has a larger degree of durability. It is equipped with a special floating sensor to determine the amount of liquid inside the tank to eliminate the possibility of the tank overflowing. It is an excellent unit in many commercial and industrial applications for things such as flooding, large floor stripping operations and much more.

To remove the dangers of liquid spills or wet floors the tank Minuteman vacuums are your best option for long term efficiency. There has been a lot of research conducted to create the best vacuum cleaners possible that will deliver excellent results for many years to come. Minuteman vacuums are synonymous to the best vacuum cleaners for commercial and industrial use that money can buy. Their high degree of reliability and efficiency make Minuteman vacuums an indispensable tool for any commercial center from the hospitality industry to shopping centers and much more.