Women usually pay more attention to their eyes whenever they put on makeup. The reason for this is simply because the eyes are the first thing that other people will notice when you talk to them.

Eyes also express your feelings. And if you want other people to know what you really feel without having to talk, then you should bring their attention to your eyes. And one great cosmetic for the eyes is the liquid eyeliner.

However, some women find it difficult to use liquid eyeliner than regular eyeliner. A small brush with liquid eyeliner is more difficult to control than pencil eyeliner. And if you are one of these women who are still clueless about this eye makeup, here are some useful liquid eyeliner tips and advice that you should keep in mind.

Always make sure that you have the proper tools for using liquid eyeliner. For one, you should not use just any kind of make up brushes if you want to use liquid eyeliner. There is a tiny, pointed liner brush that is perfect for the small area around your eyes.

Do not use wide eye brushes or worse, improvised brushes like cotton buds or balls. This will smear the liquid eye liner all around your eyes, especially if you have unsteady hands.

You should not use your fingers when applying liquid eyeliner on the thin creases around your eyes. Always use appropriate tools to achieve the effect that you want to have for your eyes.

One of the most useful liquid eyeliner tips is the use of soft neutral colors to emphasize your eyes. Dramatic eyes with black liner are popular but might not be appropriate for casual or not so formal events and parties.

Imagine going out on a date with very dark eyelids. Your date will think something is wrong or that you are a punk Goth emo girl or however those people wearing raccoon-like makeup want to call themselves.

Only a few people can pull the sultry, dramatic eyes ala Audrey Hepburn. And there should be a special occasion for that kind of heavy makeup.

You should also draw dashes on your eye lids or around your eyes instead of one straight line if you are using liquid eyeliner.

After you are done with dashes, you can connect them so that your hands will not feel tired and unsteady drawing one straight line at one time. This is the best technique when using liquid makeup.

After applying these liquid eyeliner tips, you can be sure that your eyes will look great and will stand out among all your other facial features.

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