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Looking through a list of makeup brand names, Maybelline, Avon and L’Oreal Paris feature prominently as the world’s top makeup brands. Maybelline ranks top on the list makeup brand names across the world with a market share of 7.4%. In the paragraphs below, we explore the five top make-up brands in terms of product range, market share and product hazard scores (highest and lowest).

Maybelline Brand

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With a global market share of 7.4%, Maybelline is the leading makeup brand name in the world. This makeup brand name offers a wide range of makeup products for the face, lips and eyes. The makeup brand name offers a wide range of products for the face and eyes including 6 concealer products, 10 foundation products, 9 eye shadow products among others. For the lips, the brand offers 5 lip colour products, 2 lip gloss product and 1 lip liner product. In terms of hazard scores, Maybelline makeup brand name products rank low on a score of 1-9 with 1 being the lowest score and 9 being highest. Maybelline (Brush/Blush) I Blush-Berry-Sorbet and Maybelline (Expert-Eyes-Moisturizing) Mascara Remover products have the lowest hazard score of 2 and 1 respectively.  However, Maybelline (Roller Colour) Eye-Shadow has the highest hazard score of 9.

Avon Brand


This is the world’s second largest brand name on the list makeup brand names. Avon brand has a market share of 5.4% and offers a wide variety of makeup brands. Avon brand has a range of lip products to offer which include, among others, 10 lipstick products, 12 lip gloss products and 2 lip liner products. In terms of face products, Avon offers 15 foundation products, 8 powder products and 5 concealer products. For the eyes, the brand has 13 mascara products in the market, 9 eye shadow products, 9 eye liner products and 3 brow products. In terms of hazard, Avon’s products with the lowest hazard levels on a scale of 0-10 are Avon-Mark (Glam-A-Go-Go) Eye Shadow frost with a score of one and Avon-Mark (Wonderfleur) Hair-and-Body Mist with a zero score. On the other hand, the products with the highest hazards are Avon (TRUE COLOR) Eye-Shadow Duo, Avon (A NEW ULTIMATE) Skin-Transforming Cream and Avon-beComing (BOOST ME UP) Skin-Immunity-Hydrator with Lumin8TM each with a score of 10.

L'Oréal Paris Brand

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An international brand with a global market share of 5.3%, L'Oréal Paris is world’s third largest makeup brand on the list makeup brand names. This makeup brand name offers a wide range of products for the face, eyes, nails and lips. For the face, L'Oréal Paris foundations comes in five distinct forms; liquid, roller, brush, mousse and mineral. The brand’s True Match Powder is available in 10 different shades; its True Match Touché Magique Brush Concealer is available in 6 shades while its Infallible Stick Concealer is available in 5 shades. The brand also offers three product lines under its Bronzer range which are Brush, Compact and Mineral.

Looking through the L'Oréal Paris hazard levels on a scale of 1-10, the products with the lowest hazard level is two while the highest is 10. Products in this makeup brand name with lowest hard levels are L'Oréal Quick (Stick Instant) Foundation, L'Oréal Bare( Naturale-Concealer) Light 478, L'Oréal (Studio-Line-Mega-Glue) for Mega Hold, L'Oréal Le Kohl (Pencil-Smooth-Defining-Eyeliner) [290] Carbon Black and L'Oréal Quick (Stick Instant) Foundation.  L'Oréal Paris makeup brand has 6 products with the highest hazard levels including L'Oréal (Dermo-Expertise-Hydra-Renewal) Daily-Dry Skin Cream, L'Oréal (SUBLIME GLOW) for Face (Daily-Moisturizer-Fair) Skin Tones and L'Oréal (Hi-Light-Styliste) Brush-On Highlights [H60] Creamy Caramel.

Lancôme Brand


Owned by L'Oréal Paris since 1964, Lancôme makeup brand name trails L'Oréal Paris brand closely with a market share of 4% globally. For the face, Lancôme makeup brand name offers, among others 12 foundation products, 3 concealer products and 8 powder products. For the eyes, the brand has a total of 48 products including 21 Mascara products and 19 eye-shadow products. In terms of hazard levels on a score of 4-10, this makeup brand has 5 products ranking low and one product ranking highly. Products with low hazard scores include Lancôme (Definicils-High –Definition) Mascara and Lancôme (Flextencils-Full-Extension) Curving Mascara while Lancôme (Soleil-Instant-Cooling) Sun Spritz has the highest hazard score.

Clinique Brand


Clinique makeup brand name ranks fifth worldwide with a market share of 3.6%. This makeup brand name offers a wide variety of makeup products ranging from foundations to lipsticks and eyeshadows. Like other major makeup brands, Clinique’s products come in different forms including liquid, loose and pressed powder. The brand offers among others, over 10 foundation products, 6 powder products and 8 concealer products for the face. It also offers 13 Mascara products and 8 eyeshadows in addition to brows and eyeliner products for the eyes. Clinique brand products rank fairly well in terms of hazard levels. Ranked fifth on the list makeup brand names, Clinique’s Clinique (Rinse-Off) Eye Makeup Solvent product has the lowest score of 2 on a scale of 2 – 10 while Clinique (Sun-Care UV-Response) Face Cream, SPF 30 (2005 formulation) has the highest score of 7.


The list makeup brand names have more than the above five brand names discussed above. It is worth noting that while each brand name has strong makeup products in the market, they too have weak products that could be hazardous to users hence the need to understand how products from different brands rank in terms of hazard levels.