How to Get More Done in a Day!

List Mania my ten steps


Lists.  Some people, especially men, can’t function without them and in particular my husband! He continually tells me I need a list to not forget what I am doing or to stay focused.  I am not sure if as women we are so used to multi-tasking that a list soon becomes obsolete by No. 4.  It may be something to do with that when you have a list what we don't list are the interruptions.  The phone rings quite a few times.  Then a family member calls round for a cup of tea.  Then the postman knocks for you to sign for a parcel.  Then your son calls as he has a problem that he needs to sort right away.  Then I end up being very stressed as I have not completed the MAN list:

 Here’s a list of why lists are great.

  1. You can look at one thing at a time.  No juggling or any of that multitasking.
  2. You get to cross things off when they’re done.
  3. As soon as you think of something that needs doing, you can write it down, and then forget about it until its time to do it, comfortable in the knowledge that you won’t forget about it.
  4. If you don’t like the order of the list, you can change it.
  5. If something comes to the top of the list that you don’t want to do, you can move it to the bottom.
  6. If you like lists but secretly dislike the fact that you’re very structured, you can decide what to do next by the roll of a dice. That’s very unstructured.
  7. If six options aren’t enough for you, then with a desktop widget, you can roll a dice with as many sides as you like.
  8. The more tasks you have on a list, the more the chance that you won’t be doing the things you don’t want to be doing.
  9. If you believe in fate, you’ll always be doing the right task, for the right reason.  There will always be a purpose.
  10. You’ll always get things done.


Now, what shall I do next?  Where’s my list?