Many of us have grown up with bad eating habits and accepted the excess fat on our bodies. How are we to know that fries are bad for us when everyone is happily munching on them at our regular family meals at McDonald's? Fortunately, it's never too late to change your diet if you are tired of being fat. Provided is a list of fat burning foods that, when combined with a regular exercise program, will transform your body.

There is so much food variety available so learning to pick the right foods that promote fat loss is key to healthy eating. Fat burning foods are those foods that require more calories to be digested than the calories contained in the foods themselves. Include the following foods in your diet and feel the difference around your waistline:

  • oatmeal
  • yams or sweet potatoes
  • brown rice
  • beans
  • broccoli
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • salmon
  • blueberries
  • grapefruit
  • oranges
  • green tea
  • low fat yogurt
  • chicken breasts
  • grass-fed beef
  • eggs
  • watermelon
  • zucchini
  • pineapple
  • apples
  • onions
  • avocados
  • lean turkey
  • garlic
The above is by no means a complete list but merely a sampling. If you are interested in finding more information about fat burning foods, meal plans, and healthy weight loss, consider visiting the Fat Loss 4 Idiots weight loss and diet center.

Most of the foods on the above sample list are low in calories and either high in protein, high in fiber, or high in water content - all essential to faster metabolism. Feel free to review other recommended lists available on the Internet to become fully informed. As a general rule, the foods listed above are most beneficial in their natural state and as unprocessed as possible. For those that require cooking preparation, steaming and grilling is preferable to deep frying.

If the above list of fat burning foods appears foreign to you, the best way to approach it is to slowly incorporate a few at a time until the majority of them becomes fundamental to your diet. These are some of the best fat burning foods and once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of these nutrient dense foods, you will wonder why you didn't start sooner.

For effective fat loss, it really does matter what you put in your mouth. In fact, most fitness professionals will tell you that diet is more important than exercise. Regular exercise is essential, but diet is paramount, particularly when you are wondering how to lose belly fat fast. As one fitness guru likes to say, "You can't out train a bad diet." By consciously choosing food that burns fat, you speed up your weight loss goal instead of sabotaging yourself.