The foods you eat can have a huge impact on your cholesterol levels. So make sure to eat the right foods! Not surprisingly, there are a lot of foods available these days that are scientifically proven to lower bad cholesterol. Discover my top 7 bad cholesterol lowering foods in this article.


  1. Oatmeal. Oatmeal helps reduce your bad cholesterol. Aim to eat about 1.5 cups of oatmeal every morning. The reason this works is because of soluble fibre. It literally sucks the cholesterol out of your digestive system.

  2. Drink lots of green tea. Studies have shown that people who drink green tea lower their cholesterol significantly. Bonus: swap soft drinks and other harmful drinks for green tea for an even more noticeable effect on cholesterol levels.

  3. Plant sterols. Plant sterols are really good for your cholesterol levels. You can find these in all kinds of food products these days. There are some special margarines that have plant sterols in them and even some types of orange juices fortified with plant sterols. I highly suggest you look into this one. It can have a big impact.

  4. Metamucil can play an important role in reducing your cholesterol. Look for the one that says it will lower your cholesterol. It's a great investment. After all, the best investments is when you invest in yourself(in this case, in your own health).

  5. Olive oil is really good for you too. Bonus: go for extra virgin olive oil. It's even better. Aim for 2 teaspoons of olive oil every single day. The reason this works is because it has antioxidants that lower your bad cholesterol.

  6. Fish! Fish that are rich in omega 3s have a very big influence on your cholesterol levels. You should eat fish every week. The health benefits are really great... not just in terms of cholesterol but everything else. Your mood will improve, your heart will be healthier and much more.

  7. Walnuts and almonds. These two nuts(among others) will really help you lower your cholesterol levels to a healthy level. Have about a handful every day. I have them for breakfast with my oatmeal and banana.

Remember that if you want to lower your cholesterol to a healthy level, you will have to do a lot more than just eat foods that decrease your bad cholesterol. Of course, eating the right foods is a great start but consider other ways to improve your health like exercising 30 minutes a day(maybe going for a daily walk after dinner?), quitting smoking, talking to your doctor about getting medication and lowering your stress levels.


If you do all these things, I guarantee that you will be back to a healthier you in no time.


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