Kids may be complaining that they are bored plenty of times during the summer.Luckily, you can provide them with a list of things to do during the summer.This list has many activities included for kids of all ages.Be sure to print off this list for your children that are old enough to read.Remind your toddlers of things that they can do.

-Are their chores done?Kids may have a few different chores that their parents want them to do throughout the summer.Make sure their chores are done before they go off and play.Chores may include simple tasks such as making their bed or cleaning their room.Chores teach kids responsibilities that are important to learn as they grow up.

-Find things to do outside.They can play sports such as kickball, soccer, baseball or even catch.Riding bikes, scooter and rollerblading are also fun things that they can do.Many kids enjoy using chalk to make hopscotch on their driveway.On a nice day set up the sprinkler or pool in the backyard and allow them to soak up some rays.

-Help your kids plant a garden.Planting a flower or vegetable garden is fun for the kids.It also teaches them that they need to work hard for the things that they may want.Planting a garden is just not a one day thing.Remind them that they must be out there every day to water and pick weeds.

-Read a book.Just because the kids aren't in school anymore doesn't mean they can't read.Remind them that reading will brighten their mind.

-Take your kids to the museum.Learning about history is a very rewarding experience for both your children and yourself.

-Take your kids to the park to play.At the park your kids will be able to meet children their own age and you may possibly be able to make new friends as well.Be sure to get names and phone numbers in case your children want to call for a play date.

-Get dirty for the day.Getting dirty is something that kids greatly enjoy.Allow them to play in the sand or in the dirt.They will have a blast but may be dirty afterwards.Be sure that you get them into a bath before they play inside.

-Use your imagination.Kids of any age are capable of using their own imagination.Whether they are playing store, school or even putting on a puppet show, their imagination can freely roam which is very healthy for them.Give your kids your old clothes to play dress up in.

-Dance to music.Give your kids the chance to let their energy out and dance to music.

-Sign up for activities in your area.Many times libraries will have programs for your kids to enjoy.Be sure to sign your kids up for some fun.

-Play an interactive game when it is raining.On rainy days your kids will most likely want to turn the television on.Avoid having them sit on the couch to watch a movie and get them moving.Wii games are great for your kids to enjoy as they are forced to move around.

-Make your own musical instruments.This is best for a toddler or a preschooler.Use a Kleenex box with rubber bands on it to create a homemade guitar.You can make many musical instruments for your little one to play with.

-Build a fort using chairs and blankets.Make sure your children know that they are responsible for putting their things away when they are done using them.For nap time, your child may want to take a nap in their fort that they have just made.

-Make some money.If your kids want a new toy give them suggestions to help them save money.Helping neighbors is a great way to collect some extra change.Also, setting up a lemonade stand could be great fun for your children.Selling lemonade to cars that pass by is a great way to collect some pocket change.

-Allow your kids to experiment.Mixing food together and trying different experiments related to foods are how your kids learn.As they begin to try new things that will be able to distinguish what type of food tastes best with others.Make sure that you do not allow small children to use the oven or stove as this could be very dangerous.

-Try yoga.Yoga just isn't for adults, it is also for children.Yoga can be taught to children so they can relax and express themselves in other ways.

-Color in your coloring books or draw a picture.

-Play a board game

-Write a song.

-Allow your kids to browse the internet.As long as the parental controls are set on high it is safe for your children to check out things to do online.Research has been done that shows kids can learn from researching online.It is best to limit the use of time your children are in front of the computer however.Help them find educational games.

-Write a letter to a relative who lives far away.

-Make a birdfeeder.A pinecone, peanut butter and bird seed is all you need to make a birdfeeder.Hang this outside for your birds to enjoy.

-Pick wildflowers for your kitchen.You can spice up your wildflowers by adding food coloring and allow the flowers to soak up the dye.You will notice your flowers changing colors in just a few hours.

-Get them ready for school.You can go shopping for your school supplies and start labeling their name on their items they need.Bring them with so they can personally pick out their new backpack and other school supplies.Help them label their items so they don't get things mixed up with other kids.

This is just a small list of things that your kids your do this summer.There are plenty of other ways to keep your kids entertained so they don't complain that they are bored.It is your job as a parent to keep them busy so they don't get into trouble.



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