Health is an overriding concern in today’s world – a concern which has spawned a quasi-industry of self professed diet “gurus” and fitness specialists. You are constantly being exposed to a deluge of newer and eccentric diet plans – plans which are nigh on impossible to follow.

The article tries to glean some relevant content from the clutter and lists some healthy and nutritious, must have foods that you must include in your diet, for a healthy and better life. The below mentioned food items will stimulate your test buds, boost your overall fitness and will ensure that you consume a well- rounded balanced diet.

Fish Rich In Omega 3 – The beneficial effects of fish have long been established have established by the medical community. Especially, fishes which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, must be consumed in large quantities. Omega 3 comes with a wide range of benefits. Research has clearly evidenced Omega 3’s positive role in cardiovascular patients, especially patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease. It also acts as a pain reliever in those ailing from rheumatoid arthritis, besides being essential for normal health and development of the body. Fishes like Trout, Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna are stuffed with Omega 3. Vegetarians however must opt for some alternate sources or take Omega 3 supplements.

Eggs- The most fundamental healthy food that should feature even in a vegan’s diet plan- such is the wide expanse of its benefits. Taken anytime during breakfast, lunch or dinner – egg, in its various avatars should be an indispensable component of anyone’s diet.

Spinach- A must have vegetable which has attained cult status among fans of the popular cartoon character Popeye. It may not pump you up with superhuman strength (like Popeye), but its health benefits and nutritional values are none the less impressive. Rich in essential micronutrients like calcium and magnesium, the vegetable can be seamlessly paired with meat of any kind and can even be eaten raw. It is also an excellent source of roughage and maintains healthy bowel movement.

Berries- Rich in antioxidants and with low sugar content, berries should be eaten as frequently as possible. It is one of the most nutrition dense fruit.

Nuts – Not only are they great fillers between meals, that keeps you sated, nuts are an excellent source of lean protein and fat. Consequently, they are recommended heavily during pregnancy. So keep a pack of nuts close by, the next time you feel like munching on junk potato chips.

Tomatoes – Rich in micronutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin K, tomatoes will effectively complement any meal by making it more nourishing. Also it consists of lycophene and red orb which are anti-carcinogenic.

Read Meat (Occasionally)-  We all know overconsumption of red meat can have a negative bearing on one’s health. But it still pays to gorge occasionally on a good steak or some bacon, because red meat is the best source of animal meat and fat that goes a long way in making your meals sumptuous and satiating.

Dark Chocolate –

Not only it act as an aphrodisiac, dark chocolate is also a boon for all of us, who suffer from an excessive craving for anything sweet. So try to abstain from desserts and all such harmful sugary meals, instead gratify yourself with a chunk of dark chocolate, whose primary constituent cocoa is excellent for heart and liver health.