Shrewd investors are always looking for that elusive list of penny stocks for sale that will enhance their financial status. This instinctive inquisition has resulted from the massive percentage gains that good penny stocks can offer. Perhaps this desire also resulted from the complexity of choosing a winning penny stock. To ease matters, financial gurus developed their lists of penny stocks and started selling it to potential customers. Such a trading environment gave rise to one of the most sought after products of financial markets, the penny stock newsletter.

Finding a Good List of Penny Stocks for Sale Can Be Difficult Research

Before commenting on newsletters and related websites, it is important to understand what makes penny stocks so difficult to research. Actually, research on penny stocks is prone to errors because most penny stock companies are not required to make their information public. In the United States, Security and Exchange Commission doesn’t require these companies to file any kind of financial report. Moreover, there are no minimum standards required for companies on pink sheets. For most investors, minimum standards designate a benchmark that can be used to measure the future performance of a company. Another little known fact to investors is that most of penny stock companies are either new or they are close to bankrupcy. Likewise, low liquidity can also be a problem. Even if a micro-cap company is exceptional, it will have very low liquidity making it susceptible to instant spikes and a target of price manipulation.

Who Can Help?

It can be said that these four factors have forced investors to rely heavily on expert opinions. There are hundreds of experts, but very few of them have track record of locating a stock that can be a potential Google or Microsoft of the future. Here we look at two such sources that have gained remarkable fame by offering a consistently profitable list of penny stocks for sale. These websites can be used as a starting point for further research.

Officiated by no other than Peter Leeds, the website is a modern version of his immensely successful newsletter. Mr. Leeds is the most influential name in the industry. He has been providing hot penny stock picks for over 12 years. Historically, 90% of the buy signals have ended in a profit.

Not to be confused with the above website, notice the difference between and Recommended by Barrons and Forbes, 70% of the results end in a gain of at lest 50%. Since its inception in 1997, the track record is publicly available for all to review. When looking for a list of penny stocks for sale, another 25 wins in 2011 should put this website at the top of your reputable sources of information.

Penny Stocks that Have Had Huge Increases

NSRS - Over 700% increase in price

SNPK - Over 500% increase in price

GWBU - Over 300% increase in price

NETE - Over 3000% increase in price

INHX - Over 900% increase in price

Signing up to the free newsletters from the sites mentioned above is a great way to get an up to date list of penny stocks, like the ones I have mentioned, on a daily bases.