List of Baroque Architects and Artists 
Baroque is an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe. You will be introduced to the four leading baroque artists, namely James Gibbs, 

James Gibbs
James Gibbs was born on the 23th of december 1682 in Aberdeen. While born in Scotland he where educated in Rome and did his most influential work in England. Some of those where at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London and the cylindrical Radcliffe Camera at Oxfords university.Gibbs where a Roman Catholic and a Tory and thus did not belong to the Palladian architectural movement due to the domination of the Whig party under the command of Lord Burlington and Colen Campbell, another Scott that where a rival of Gibbs. Gibbs more Italian style separated him from the more mainstream british architects of his day as well as drawing him further from the Palladian movement. 

Domenico Guidi
In the year 1625 Domenico Guidi where born in Carrara. He started his work as an assistant to his uncle, the famous sculptor Giuliano Finelli, while this worked on the cathedral in Naples. At the age of 23 he left his uncle and traveled to Rome where he became a student of another famous sculptor, Alessandro Algardi, whom he studied under for six years before establishing himself as an independent sculptor.His most famous work is the Monument to Natale Rondinini in Santa Maria del Popolo and the relief over the altar of Capella di Monte di Pieta showing a Lamentation over the dead body of Christ.

Guido Ubaldo Abbatini
Guido Ubaldo Abbatini, also known as Guidobaldo Abbatini, was born around the 17th century in Città di Castello, Italy.Abbatini studied under the painter Cavalier d'Arpino and where later hired by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, another painter. Bernini, whom himself preferred not to do paintings, turned to Abbatini as a large number of important paintings needed to be finished. That joint venture proved fruitful for Abbatini since Bernini shaped and sculpted the statue Ecstasy of Saint Teresa in the Cornaro Chapel in Rome and Abbatini where hired to produce the hole spirit, the angels and the cherubs above the saint.

Sébastien Bourdon
Sébastien Bourdon where born on the second of february 1616 in Montpellier and where an influential french painter and engraver. During a trip to Rome around the 1630's Bourdon where influenced by a number of schools, among them the more eclectic works of Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain. Those influences can be seen in his work the Fall of Simon Magus as well as a lot of his pieces in the Louvren. He later returned to Paris and started teaching at the new Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture (Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture) and become at 1655 its director.