What take money off your wallet are liabilities, and what adds money to it are your Assets. – Rich Dad Poor Dad

i) Awaken The Giant Within – Anthony Robins

When Anthony Robins was young, he used to read lots of self-development books. No wonder, anyone who had problem, they used to talk to Robins, and he would give them solutions.

He also developed a habit of speed reading, and in few years, he read more than 700 books.

In his book, he lays out wonderful step by step techniques to take you out of your misery and depression into instant state of happiness, joy, abundance, and love.

ii) Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy

‘I have great idea, and thinking about starting to do something about it.”I get stuck on a task the whole day.’ ‘I don’t know where to start from.’

These are the weak inner voices that breeds procrastination. Brian Tracy has come up with an amazing, eye-opening strategies that anyone can use to avoid procrastination, get things done, and move ahead in life.

The title of the book, Eat That Frog, means to eat the biggest and ugliest frog first to get the highest return on value on our investments.

He challenges us to make a habit of doing the most difficult and complex task first, yet rewarding the most.

Joe ask, ‘How do I eat an elephant?’ Jane replies, ‘I bite at a time.’

iii) Breaking Free – Brian Armstrong

Did you always dreamt to start your own business ?

Brian Armstrong, an entrepreneur explains asks us to dream big and pursue it ‘no matter what’.

For example, if you always dreamt of starting a business, or following your passion, get closer to realize it by taking a single step towards it. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In his ground-breaking free eBook, Armstrong lays out simple but effective step by step plans on how to start your business, while working at your current job until you have sufficient funds to leave it and start to work for yourself.

iv) 4 hr Work Week, Escaping 9-5 – Timothy Feriss

Timothy Feriss, an entrepreneur, is a revolutionist. In his book, he shares his experience how he struggled with different odd jobs until he decided he would live like a millionaire not by hoarding money, but using money to travel around the world, sit and relax in a beach at Bahamas and soak up the sun.

He is also a cage fighter and a national champion of martial art in China.

Aren’t you tired of being told what to do in your office ? Don’t you hate when you always seem to do menial work, when you are actually better off at creative department.

Just read it and will change your life forever.

v) Rich Dad Poor Dad

This books illuminates readers why rich people get rich and why poor people always stay poor.

Rich people save at least 15% of their income before they get chance to spend it. Poor people spend everything first and don’t have any left to save.

This sounds harsh, but it’s the truth behind the science of getting rich. If you want to become financially independent, start to save now. After a decade, the interests generated by your savings will cover all of your expenses.

Another concept I liked about was compound interest. It’s like everyday you save one dollar. The next day it will double. At the end of the first year, you will have one million dollars. In a year you get to become a millionaire. It’ s not a quick scheme to get rich, but the strategies discussed in the book will open your mind as why rich dad teach their son to become rich.