There are plenty of families in need this Christmas season. With the rough economy, and the price of gas skyrocketing—some people have two options. They can either not make it to work or have Christmas for their families. However, there is an option for those who do not have enough money in order to make Christmas this year—from toy drives, to Christmas help, low income families have ways that they can give their children the Christmas they're dreaming of. Whether it's a free Christmas gift, or perhaps just a little bit of government assistance. There are plenty of Christmas charities—low income families in mind, of course!

The Angel Tree

These are common Christmas help/toy drives in which you pick a child's name from a Christmas tree. There are hundreds of names. All that you have to do is pick up a card, then take it to whatever shop you would like and use the information you are provided (name, clothing and shoes size, and age) to buy whatever gifts you would like the little girl or boy to have. It doesn't have to be much—but, a little goes a long way. For example, you could buy a little girl a simple outfit, a book, and a pair of slippers. There are plenty of Christmas charities, low income families in mind, that provide you with means to help the little ones!

Alternative Gifts International

If you are looking for a great way to give around the world, and aren't too worried about government assistance, then this is a great choice for you. In short, this is a charity that distributes usable gifts (ones that will never need to be thrown away, since they're used that often) to places around the world that truly need them. You can also give a gift in someone's honor. It's a great free Christmas gift and Christmas help low income families desperately need.

Make a Wish

Perhaps you know a family with a sick child. Or perhaps you have a child who is sick. The Make-A-Wish Foundation allows your child to have their greatest (plausible) wish granted. This is a great charity for those that aren't sure what they'll be able to provide for their child. Instead of toy drives or government help, you get a free Christmas gift that will do your child the most good! This is another Christmas charity low income families can depend on.  It's Christmas help low income families with children that are sick appreciate the most!

Toys for Tots

This is another great charity for those looking for Christmas help low income families can use. Simply donate toys—they can be new or hand-me-downs, as long as they're in good condition—to your local chapter and they will head on out to all the little boys and girls in need around your area. It's a great way to ensure that your little ones have Christmas when things are getting rather tight and you can't provide them by yourself. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of government assistance when things are getting rough. You can get your little one a free Christmas gift and still ensure that you make the bills.

Samaritan's Purse

Not to mention that you also have the Samaritan's Purse, another popular one on our list of Christmas charities low income families can appreciate. However, this Christmas help low income isn't just for people in our nation's range, but people from other countries as well! Keep this in mind whilst you're deciding whether or not you should contribute. Not to mention—you can also ask for help if necessary from many of the above charities.

How Do You Get That Help For Christmas?

First and foremost, you will need to check out a site. You can go to your local library if needed, or you might be able to find a local office near you. Either way, you have an option as to how you can get a free Christmas gift for your child when you need it most. There are loads of Christmas charities low income families can depend on, of course including the ones already mentioned. Take the time to check them out yourself, in addition to the ones already mentioned. Maybe you'll find more toy drives—they're a great way to raise funds.

Sign Up

You can sign up your kids for Christmas help low income families qualify for. Take the time to sign up for one that you know that your children would appreciate. Make sure to give truthful information so you don’t have to worry about being denied because you lied on the application. If you find yourself in a better position next year, perhaps you can contribute and help another family near you! There are a lot of government assistance programs...and plenty of toy drives to check out. 

Wait For A Response

Just wait, chances are that you WILL get the help that you need. In the meantime, relax. Don't stress yourself over it and if you happen to get a little bit of extra money, put it towards what you need to put it towards, such as bills. There are plenty of ways that toy drives and other charities can help you bring your little ones the Christmas that they've been hoping for. However, you also need to remember that you simply trying so hard is more than they could possibly imagine and more than they could hope for. Regardless, they won't be angry if you cannot give them what they were hoping for. After all—you tried!

These are just a few places that you needed to know about, as well as what to do once you've decided who you would like to ask for assistance. Whether it's by toy drives or other types of fundraisers or charities that would be willing to help you with. These are also ways that you can help—you can donate to any of these organizations and you can definitely help them out in any way possible. These are just a few things that you must absolutely keep in mind whilst trying to get help. What do you hope to get your little ones for Christmas when the time comes?