Some curious hobbyists are searching for a simple list of coins to collect. Check out this simple selection of coins to get you started.

1. Wheat Pennies

It is no longer common to find wheat pennies in pocket change. They still make the top of this list of coins to collect since you can find lots online for fairly cheap. There are also many different years to choose from. If you do choose this as your coin to collect then I suggest visiting a bookstore and buying the wheat penny collectible books. Be aware that some wheat pennies are very rare to find in mint condition. If you choose to collect wheat pennies, know that premium samples of some earlier years will cost a considerable amount of money.

Wheat Pennies image by djwtwo

2. Error Coins

One fun thing about error coins is that you can find them in pocket change. Collectors call this cherry-picking. Typically, error coins occur when there is a problem with the die that strikes the coin. It results in a slightly distorted image. Often, it is difficult to identify these errors and you may need a magnifying glass. Collectors are aware of nearly every error and there are set prices for these error coins. This is a popular choice on this list of coins to collect and it can be very rewarding since most of these errors are rare and difficult to find in pocket change.

In this error coin, the silver coating has been left off the reverse side. Image by McSkeletor

3. Real Silver Coins

A great number of minted coins from many different countries contain varying degrees of silver. I have found American coins with silver in change but only a few different times. You will need to focus on internet auctions to get good deals on real silver coins. Wholesale prices apply to real silver coins so the more you spend, the cheaper your per coin price. When you’re buying lots sight-unseen, don’t expect any key dates, errors, or exemplary samples. When buying large lots of real silver coins you will primarily be purchasing for what is called the melt value of the coins. This is a pretty popular selection on the list of coins to collect since small amounts of real silver coins can be affordable and larger lots are a good deal.

Image by sirqitous

4. Coins from Ancient Greece

Most hobbyists are surprised that coins from ancient Greece are very affordable. That’s the main reason that they are on this list of coins to collect. The demand for coins from ancient Greece is low so the prices are reasonable. When buying coins from ancient Greece be sure to purchase from a reputable seller. It isn’t necessary to buy in person but don’t buy from a seller with little or no feedback. I would also recommend buying from major coin sellers like Littleton Coin.

Image by fabianmohr

If you are unfamiliar with the hobby, use this list of coins to collect to get you started.

Coins to Collect
Credit: Jeff Hester