The following list of community service project ideas can be used by anyone, whether you are dealing with court ordered sanctions, or you are just a group looking to make your neighborhood a little bit better place.  Of course, there are literally thousands of things anyone can do to help out others, which is essentially what community service projects are supposed to do.  Take a look at the list of ideas of things you can do to help out your neighborhood.

Roadside Cleaning

Like adopt a highway programs, you can do something similar in your community.  A free service that picks up the roadside waste and works to clean certain area, perhaps downtown, would be a great option for anyone looking at community service ideas.

Park Cleaning and Updates

You can paint and make repairs to outdated parks and recreational areas.  These areas are free for people to use and give kids something to do other than get into trouble.  Virtually every city has a park that could use some sprucing up.

Volunteer at Assisted Living Centers

Help the people that need help.  You don’t have to actually ‘work’ at these places to do some good.  For example, you could sing or organize holiday events to provide some cheer to the residents of assisted living centers.

Hold a Charity Auction

You will probably need to get proper permits, but if you are trying to raise money for the neighborhood, it should not be as hard, provided it is a nonprofit mission.  You can get other members of the community to help by donating unwanted items to raise funds.

Walk/Run for Awareness

You can raise funds or awareness by organizing a group walk or run.  Many different groups do this with success.  If you have access to any sports facility with an oval track, perhaps a local school, it will help to keep it nice and contained. 

Elderly Assistance

This can be done in a variety of different ways.  You can simply help an elderly neighbor with yard work, taking out the trash, painting, or just about anything else you can imagine.  You will not need a big group to make an impact.

Meals on Wheels

They are looking for volunteers all the time and it is a great service.  Meals on Wheels, and similar programs, offer people a hot meal when they are unable to provide for themselves.  It is a good option to keep in mind.

Make Gifts for People Hospitalized

You can make quilts, stuffed animals, or even greeting cards for people that are sick or injured.  This would be greatly appreciated by those going through tough times in their lives.

Work at a Soup Kitchen

They always need help.  You can provide some assistance for food or work to help hand out the food during the services.  It is a good way to volunteer and provide a good community service in the process.


Provide free tutoring services to anyone that is struggling with school subjects.   Tutoring helps future generations succeed in life, so it is a great idea to use.  If you are good in any subject, there are likely many people that could use your assistance.

Beautification Projects

There are hundreds of community beautification projects you can help out with.  You can paint, offer general cleanup, cover up graffiti, or even plant flowers.  All of these types of things are great projects that you can do on your own if you don’t have a big group working together.

Organize Holiday Events

How about an Easter egg hunt, or a secret Santa for the poor?  The entire community can participate in these types of events, which also helps to promote goodwill and spurs friendships.  You can even use some of the lesser celebrated holidays, like May Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and others.  There are many different holiday that can be used to spur along ideas.

Handicapped Assistance

From helping with household chores, to volunteering with the Special Olympics, if you want to come up with ideas, there are tons of them that will work.  Do some brainstorming to come up with needs that need to be met for which there are no services in the area.  This is a very rewarding way to help out others.

Free Babysitting Services

This is probably something that would work great in conjunction with a free event, like a carnival, or holiday get-together.  You will need to make sure you don’t have too many kids for every helper, or you will not be able to adequately babysit and ensure safety.

Safety Fairs

Bike safety, natural disasters, and many other areas all provide an opportunity to hold a safety fair.  If you can get local businesses involved, you might even be able to provide some safety equipment, like bike reflectors, during your event. There are many different things you can do to raise awareness and promote safety for kids and adults.

Adopt a _____

Adopt a pothole, street, highway, park, or other area in the neighborhood and spend time cleaning it and making it more beautiful.  Adoption type community service ideas are generally very popular with people and likely to get others involved.  Try to think of what areas in your neighborhood could use a little bit of sprucing up

Seek Involvement from the Community

As you try to decide what services are needed, you can actively advertise and promote it to try to get others involved.  You can also ask for donations from local businesses.  This doesn’t have to be money, as the use of a parking lot can often provide a great area to hold an event or raise awareness. 

Get Permits if Needed

Nothing could be worse than getting shutdown while holding an event from a lack of permits.  A quick trip to your city hall will take care of the needed paperwork.  Make sure the list of community service ideas you come up with are fully legal.