Creating an online business, working from home and setting your own times is a wonderful idea. But what if you're just not sure what kind of business you should start? Not every internet entrepreneur knows the answer right away, and many end up trying out several paths. The following is a list of ideas for home based internet businesses to help you decide and start earning money online.

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Selling Products

  • Sell Products you make. If you know how to make something that people would buy, you might want to consider opening an online store for it. This could be anything from food, accessories, software, decorative items to clothes or electronic flash guns. People are selling muesli online. There was a success story about a 14-year old girl who sold homemade beauty products on the internet. The list goes on...
  • Sell affiliate products. If you are interested in selling products for which you don't have the capacity to produce them yourself, you can promote other people's products through affiliate programs. Amazon associates is the best example. You set up a website promoting a range of items from Amazon, and if someone buys it through your link, you receive a commission. You could also sell information products (ebooks, audiobooks, videos) or software. Just look for the right affiliate program.
  • Sell your art. This one obviously isn't for everyone. But if you're an artist of any kind, chances are you could sell your work through an online store. You can also earn some money through already existing stock picture/video websites where people can sell their photos and videos. If they're good, they'll be in high demand.

Selling Services

  • Consultant. If you have a certain set of skills that people or businesses might require, consider offering them through your own internet platform. Business consultants with a good reputation sometimes earn extremely high amounts of money when a business is hoping to make more profit with the consultants' help. There are many more possibilities, like nutritional consultant, tax consultant, wedding consultant, etc.
  • Freelancing. Again, if you have specific skills that people will need, you can create an internet business around them. Or you can offer them through existing freelance job marketplaces. Examples for what you could do are writing content for websites (many websites or blogs hire people to write their articles), web design, programming, database management and so on.
  • Coaching. There are quite a few internet businesses about coaching people, teaching them to become better at something. Usually the customers pay to subscribe to a website that offers resources like video courses, forums, ebooks or even live teleconferences.


  • Blogging. It takes a lot of work and time but some blogs have become so popular, they get enough visitors to make profit through Google's advertising service AdSense or something similar. So if you think you can write articles several times a week, year after year, about a topic that interests you, consider blogging.

As you've probably noticed, some of these ideas can be combined into one venture, and it is always a good idea to diversify income streams. Good luck!