People Giving Money and Time to the Needy

Here’s a good list of millionaires who help people in need.  While this list is not intended to be exhaustive, it will let you see the nice side of some of the rich and famous people out there that are willing to assist the poor.  In this article, I will give you the names of the people giving away free money to assist others, along with some basic insight to their charitable gifts.  Let’s look at some of the people that are doing good things with their money and not just worrying about themselves.


Famous Athletes

Jim Kelley:  Hunter’s Hope Foundation was started by the former football hall of famer.  The organization is named after Kelley’s own son, Hunter.  The group raises money for Krabbe Disease and Leukodystrophies, both of which are fatal diseases.  These types of organizations are instrumental in raising awareness and research funds for little-known diseases.  It’s nice to see so many famous athletes help out those that are less fortunate than they are by giving away money and time.

Oscar De La Hoya:  Green Dot Public Schools was founded in 1999 and serves the Los Angeles area.  They work with area failing schools to transform their educational process, working to become leaders.  It’s a really great organization that is doing a lot of good.  While De La Hoya may have retired, the foundation is still going strong and continues to work with Los Angeles schools to improve the education of their young students.

Tiger Woods:  The Tiger Woods Foundation was founded in 1996 by Woods and his father, Earl Woods.  They seek to empower youth to explore their career and life aspirations.  When he’s not out on the golf course, Tiger Woods is one of the many millionaires who help people in need.


Singers and Musicians

Alicia Keys:  Alicia Keys is one of the many millionaires that help people in need.  One of the charities she gives a great deal of support to is Keep a Child Alive.  This groups looks to provide life-saving care and support for those suffering from HIV or AIDS.  Many singers and musicians are involved in this same charity.  It is a very popular one with the musical industry and provides assistance to many people that need it.

John Bon Jovi:  In 1991, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. was founded.  There are many celebrities and millionaires who help people in need through this organization.  Among the others that provide support are Donny Osmond and Martina McBride, just to name a couple.  There are many others on the list as well that assist this organization.

Clay Aiken:  Aiken co-founded the National Inclusion Project in 2003.  It is designed to help close the gap of those with special needs, so they can live in the world around them.  This is a really great organization that offers help to people that are truly in need. 

Sting:  The Rainforest Foundation US was co-founded in 1989 by the musician Sting and Trudie Styler.  The foundation looks to assist indigenous people of the rainforest and hopes to help protect their culture and ways of life.  It’s a really great organization that is making a difference in the world today. 


Actors and Actresses

Julia Roberts:  The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund was actually founded by Paul Newman in 1985.  They strive to help children and others cope with cancer and other various life-threatening diseases.  Julia Roberts is very active in the group, donating both funds and time.  She is involved in several other projects as well and deserves a little recognition for all that she has done to help out those in need.  She is one of the famous celebrity millionaires that give money and time to assist others.

Betty White:  She’s an animal lover, famous actress, and millionaire that helps people in need.   The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association is just one of the many animal charities that Ms. White offers her time and financial assistance to.  The Gorilla Foundation and other animal organizations also benefit from the assistance of Betty White, both financially and through personal appearances and support.

John Cena:  When he’s not wrestling or acting, John Cena is helping the Make a Wish Foundation.  Believe it or not, he’s the most requested celebrity for wishes.  And you thought nobody watched the WWE?  Since wrestlers have such murderous schedules, often on the road for 250-300 days per year or more, Cena makes his rounds to help the foundation while he tours with the WWE.  Now that’s a dedication to help out others that generally isn’t seen.  Thank you, Mr. Cena.


Politicians – Former and Current

Jimmy Carter:  The Carter Center is dedicated to human rights and looks to alleviate human suffering.  The organization was founded in 1982 by the former President and raises a great deal of capital for those that are in need of help.  Millionaires that assist people in need, like Jimmy Carter, are making a difference in the world today.  The former President of the United States of America is also very well known for his work with Habitat for Humanity.  He gives a lot of time to both organizations.

Oliver North:  Unfortunately, the work of Oliver North is not nearly as well-known today as his mishaps of a few decades ago.  Oliver North founded this group in 1990 and is the honorary chairman.  The group looks to promote a strong national defense and looks to preserve the American way.  This is a really great organization that has been making a difference in this country for over two decades now.  Thanks to Mr. North for all his help in preserving the American way.


Hopefully, you have found this article to be at least somewhat inspirational.  If so, please consider looking up any or all of the foundations and organizations listed to make a charitable contribution.   While it’s very easy to be cynical and think the rich don’t do anything to assist others, it’s clear that this is incorrect.  I hope you have enjoyed this list of millionaires that help people in need.