You’ll find lots of great scratch and dent appliance stores in Maryland, where you can shop for the top name brands and save tons of money.  You’ll find some of the names on this list to be quite familiar, while others might not be quite as recognizable to you.  Either way, take a look and see if the stores are near you, so you can save money on refrigerators, washer and dryer combos, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, and even small kitchen appliances, like microwaves or stand mixers, and much more.  Here are some of the stores you’ll want to check out in the state.


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List of Maryland Scratch and Dent Appliance Stores

This list cannot possibly give out every location, but the bulk of the state is represented here.  There could very well be some other stores in your area, which you can find in the Yellow Pages or advertised in the newspaper.

Shore Appliance Connection, Salisbury:  They offer great deals and rebates.  While they don’t have a scratch and dent section, you can negotiate on floor models and ask for discounts on the various items with slight damage, if they are not already marked down in price.

Charm City Appliances, Baltimore, Glen Burnie:  Charm City has two different locations for you to shop for great deals.  You’ll find scratch and dent brand new appliances in major brand names, and you’ll also find gently used and reconditioned appliances.  If you are looking for a good deal, you will find it here.  You’ll find stainless steel and other colors, but you generally will not find the low end, very cheap models often sold at other stores.  This means you’ll get good quality at an affordable price, so you’ll be able to capitalize on the best bargains.  Check out name brands like GE, Amana, Whirlpool, and LG and visit their sections for high end and mid-level products.  Whether you need a range, or refrigerator, you’ll find it there.  Delivery is available and you’ll get a warranty even with the reconditioned, used appliances for sale.

Main Street Appliance Company, Reistertown:  You’ll find good deals of up to 50% off or more when you shop for new scratch and dent or used models.  You will want to check out Hanover Road in Reistertown for bargains.  They offer a warranty even on their used appliances for sale, so you’ll be able to get a really good bargain and have some peace of mind in the whole process.  On used appliances for sale at Main Street, you’ll get a good 90 day warranty and on new scratch and dent, you’ll get a full year.  At the time of this writing, their deal of the week was a stackable, new scratch and dent washer and dryer set priced at only $400, with an original price of around $800.  This works out to be half off, which is a serious savings.

Scratch and Dent Liquidators, Baltimore:  Located on South Broadway, you’ll want to check out this mom and pop store for good bargains and a down to earth atmosphere.  Keep in mind this store sells all kinds of items, not just appliances, so you might find really super bargains on other product lines as well, including small appliances.  This is worth checking out, since you’ll be dealing with a small, local business with owners from the same area where you live and work.  Be sure to check them out if you live in the Baltimore area.

Landers Appliances, Baltimore:  In Baltimore, Maryland, on Golden Ring Road, you’ll find Landers as a good option. You can get the normal major appliances and you can also get range hoods, compactors, trash disposals, and air conditioners, all at great deals.  Energy Star rebates are available, so you can save even more money on your purchases.  They also have on the spot financing, with same as cash options for one year on purchases of $499 or more.  There are so many different options available in Baltimore, you shouldn’t have any issues finding exactly what you need to complete your kitchen or laundry room, without spending too much money.

Sears Warehouse Outlets, Timonium, Wheaton, Baltimore:  You’ll find the Sears scratch and dent warehouses in Maryland to be one of the best places to shop for the big deals and discounts.  You’ll find great clearance prices on customer returns, factory reconditioned, and model closeouts with slight damage.  You will also find the top name brands like Sears Kenmore, Amana, Samsung, Energy Star and others, so you won’t be buying from companies you’ve never heard of before.  This can make shopping much more comfortable for consumers.  Be sure to check out their outlets if you are located within driving distance of any of the locations for great bargains.

Lowes, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Glen Burnie, Clinton, Bowie, Laurel, Timonium:  Many people don’t think of Lowes, but they should.  Simply Google something like ‘Lowes scratch and dent appliances’ and you’ll find all kinds of reviews and personal stories of normal folks asking for discounts on items with slight damage, sometimes almost unnoticeable, and getting them.

REI, Columbia, College Park, Rockville:  You’ll find good deals for members with this seller.  They sell furniture and major appliances at a good discount, so it’s a good option to check out if you live in one of these areas and happen to be a member.  They generally hold an annual event where you can find huge discounts and save a lot of money in the process.

Various Mom and Pop Stores:  If you don’t live near any of the locations listed, or you simply want to check out some of the other options you’ll have, you might want to try local mom and pop stores for good buys on any items with minimal damage.  It’s a really good way to spend your money locally and keep it in the community.  Many people prefer to shop this way, but it’s completely up to you.

As you can see, you have lots of options for scratch and dent appliances in Maryland.

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