There's a long list of search engines, but not all of them are popular. Here's a list of popular search engines that are preferred by most for some obvious or not so obvious reasons. Search engines are Internet technology that adheres to an algorithm or a combination of user input and algorithm to index web pages on the cyberspace. Websites get indexed in search engines' massive database, and every time an individual searches for information, it will display the most pertinent websites, also known as Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). They contain vital information regarding the websites' relevance to the user's search or query. ~Protected by Copyscape~

List of Popular Search Engines – Google

Google is one of the all-time most powerful and popular search engines. It was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page on Sept. 4, 1998 while they were studying at Stanford University. There are a lot of reasons as to why Google is considered to be the most excellent search engine – outstanding algorithm and highly pertinent query results, continuous development via advancements, collaborations with other firms, acquisitions and great employee relations (recognized many times as the number one most excellent workplace by Fortune Magazine). Another amazing feature of Google is that new websites are quickly indexed due to the search engine's algorithms.

List of Popular Search Engines – Yahoo

Among the oldest search engines out there, Yahoo was established in Jan. 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang, and was made public on Mar. 1, 1995, and from there, its popularity has increased among online users all over the world. During the first part of year 2000, it was regarded as the most excellent search engine and stayed at the top spot for many years. Yahoo is highly recognized for its exceptional services such as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Maps (online mapping), Yahoo! Video (video sharing), web portal, marketing, social media services and sites and workplace productivity.

List of Popular Search Engines – Bing

Bing is previously known as MSN Search, Microsoft Live Search and Windows Live Search, and is Microsoft's new and enhanced search tool. Since its June 1, 2009 release, Bing increased in popularity and established an online presence among search engine users and webmasters, thus making it on the list of search engines to use.

List of Popular Search Engines – Ask

Ask (previously called Askjeeves) was founded by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener in 1996, and is considered to be one of the oldest search engines around. It was first introduced as a website where people can ask questions and obtain pertinent answers. The present search engine still has this feature, with additional support for dictionary and questions about math and conversions. Ask and Bing has one same feature – users can get a glimpse of the website's summary they can visit by placing the mouse over the search results.

List of Popular Search Engines – AOL Search

It offers searchers with editorial lists which are indexed by Google. The search results that populates on AOL Search and Google are very much identical. You may be wondering as to why you need to use it, and why is it even on the list of search engines. Well, simply because of the fact that you're an AOL subscriber. AOL Search's "in-house" version links to contents that are available only to this particular service. You would be able to search the World Wide Web and AOL simultaneously. The version available to the public does not have these links.

List of Popular Search Engines – Lycos

Started by Dr. Michael Loren Mauldin in 1994 as a research project, Lycos is on the list of search engines considered to be pioneers. It gained online presence in over 40 countries and has the most traffic back in 1999. In May of 2000, Terra Networks, a Spain-based firm, bought Lycos. Terra Lycos is the owner of Lycos, and in Oct. of that same year, he formed a merger with Terra Networks. He is also the owner of another search engine – HotBot. In 2005, Lycos started to change its strategy, shifting from a search engine-driven site to an entertainment page destination.

List of Popular Search Engines – AllTheWeb

AllTheWeb, a Yahoo-powered search engine, is a more customizable and lighter version of Yahoo. Web queries are its main focus; however, it also offers videos, MP3, pictures, FTP search and news. This search engine used to be owned by FAST, and it was utilized as a platform for their web search tools. This is the reason why AllTheWeb is sometimes called FAST Search or just FAST, but then it was bought by Overture, a search provider, in April of 2003, and afterward became the property of Yahoo when they acquired Overture. AllTheWeb is no longer connected with FAST whatsoever.

List of Popular Search Engines – AltaVista

Previously, AltaVista is among the most well-know search engines on the Internet due to its consistently massive index and numerous advanced tools and services offered to users, one of which is its page translation. It underwent a chaotic period, with the owners seemingly uncertain if it was a straightforward search engine or a portal hub, but now it has decided to remain as a search engine. The listings of AltaVista are their own creations and supplemented with websites from Ask, Looksmart and Open Directory.

List of Popular Search Engines – Gigablast

Started in 2000, Gigablast's size is small, yet it has gained popularity since its inception. The search engine is managed by only one person – Matt Wells, the creator and proprietor. Gigablast is famous for its real-time and constant index refreshing and updating (a paid inclusion with Google and other top search engines). So, even if you have a new website, it can get indexed very quickly, unlike with the ones in the list of search engines wherein algorithms are applied and new websites don't get ranked that well, but not with Gigablast – it would be able to handle ten to a hundred times with less technology and still get the same performance.

List of Popular Search Engines – Dogpile

The last on our list of search engines is Dogpile. This meta search engine does information gathering from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, reducing effort and time of searching through each websites one by one. There are no duplicates in the search results; in case the same website is populated from different sites, it would be filtered in the search results. Of course, there are other search engines out there, but this list of search engines is just the short end of the stick.

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