Do you want to lose fat and get leaner? If you do, you have to do things that will help you to burn away fat. These things include to do fat burning exercise and to eat a healthy diet that includes fat burning foods. Fat burning foods have the ability of speeding up your fat loss. Thewoman-appley can also help you to eat less and to have less cravings. To help you do so, we will look at a list of fat burners - the top fat burning foods that eliminate fat. Here they are, I hope you include them today in your diet:

Fat burning foods - list of fat burners

Here is some of the best fat burning foods there is. They will help to speed up your fat loss and they may also help you to eat less and have less cravings. Make sure that you start including these foods in your diet pronto.

  • Cinnamon - Cinnamon helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels so that you have less cravings. Be sure to add it to your diet on a regular basis. You can do this by adding it over most of your food and drinks. It goes especially well over oats and teas.

  • Green tea - Green tea has the ability to speed up your fat loss and it may also reduce the amount of fat that your body stores. To benefit from it, have at least one cup of tea a day.

  • Fat free dairy products - Fat free dairy products are high in calcium that may speed up weight loss. Enjoy most of you dairy fat free if you can.

  • Lean protein - Lean protein helps to build lean muscle mass that helps to burn away fat. Make sure that you stick to the leaner meat types like chicken, fish and lean red meat like fillet and trim mince.

  • Lettuce - Use lettuce regularly to make big salads to chew on and to keep you fuller for longer. Just make sure to add low fat salad dressings like balsamic vinegar.

  • Cucumber - Cucumber goes excellent in lunch boxes to take with you to work or school. Make sure that you pack yourself a lunch box with veggie stick as a snack.

  • Tomatoes - Tomatoes also goes well in a lunch box as a snack. Look out for the cherry tomatoes (the small ones), they are especially nice.

  • Chillies -Chillies have the ability of speeding up your metabolism. Add them to most of your meals. If the heat is a bit tough for you, start slow with the milder chillies. The Jalapeno is quite mild and is a good chili to start with.

  • Spinach - Spinach tastes great with most meals. They are especially great in stews, casseroles and pastas. They contains lots of vitamins and minerals that also boosts your health.

  • Oats - Oats is one of the breakfast cereals that keeps you fuller. Make sure that it is one of your breakfast staples.

  • Whole-grain carbs - Whole grain carbs keeps you fuller for longer and they will thus help you to eat less and have less cravings. Make sure that you stick to whole-grain carbs and limit the other types from your diet.

  • Grapefruit - Grapefruit are great to snack on. They may be a bit bitter for you. It that is the case, you can add some sweetener or a small amount of sugar to sweeten them up.

  • Ice cold water - Ice cold water may help to speed up your metabolism. Make sure that you have at least 2 liters a day.

  • Pineapples and Mangoes - Pineapples and mangoes are excellent to snack on.

This list of fat burners really contains some potent foods that may help you to lose fat and get leaner. Just remember that your diet should also be healthy and balanced. And you also have to do fat burning exercises. If you want flat abs, the best abs exercise is the bicycle abs move.