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There are different types of doctors in the medicine field. Being a doctor is the most respectable and demanding profession. Doctors are responsible for saving lives, assisting newborns to come into this world as well as giving hope and treatment to the sick. There are quite a number of doctors in the world today. However, all these doctors have a common goal to make our lives better by providing treatment and preventing us from contacting diseases though provision of vaccines. Medicine field is one of the best paying careers in the world today. For this reason, a lot of people seek to study medicine and help their community as well as themselves. In this article, I will explain different types of doctors and their specialties so that you may know where you fit best before applying for the course.

Types of Doctors and what they do

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Family care: These medical practitioners treat patient of all ages. They are commonly known as your neighborhood doctors.

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Primary Care: These doctors can also provide family care.  Some of these doctors include gastroenterology or endocrinology, just to name a few.

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Hospitalist: These specialists only attend to patients in the hospital. Some of these doctors may be trained in family medicine.

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Surgeon: These specialists are responsible for carrying out operation in hospital theaters. A few examples of these doctors are orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery or neurosurgery.

Cardiologists heart doctorCredit: http://www.oima.org/

Cardiologists: These medical specialists are responsible for treating heart related conditions. There are different types of these doctors. Some of these doctors focus on diagnosis, prevention and also medicine.

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Dermatologist: This is one of the most competitive specialists in medicine. Dermatologists are responsible for treating skin related conditions. This is mainly because of the high pays in procedures such laser treatment.

Competent EndocrinologistCredit: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/endocrinologist-job-description.html

Endocrinologist:  These specialists are responsible for treating the endocrine system.

Gastroenterology DoctorsCredit: http://www.greatsanddunes.info/2011/08/what-is-gastroenterology.html

Gastroenterologist: These types of doctors are responsible for treating digestive system conditions such as duodenal ulcers.

Consult an Infectious disease SpecialistCredit: http://www.davidlnelson.md/Felon.htm

Infectious disease: This is one of the most active specialists in the medicine field. These practitioners deal with infectious diseases such as swine flu, bird flu and HIV among others.

Nephrologist kidney doctorCredit: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/01/050131224038.htm

Nephrologist: These type of doctors deal with kidney related problems.

Ophthalmology medical practitionersCredit: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/ophthalmologist-vs-optometrist.html

Ophthalmologist: These types of medical practitioners provide treatment to eye related cases and also perform eye surgery.

Gynecology DoctorsCredit: http://gynecologists.com/welcome-to-gynecologists-com

Gynecologists: These doctors are responsible for treating the female reproductive system.

Otolaryngologist ear nose and throat doctorsCredit: http://www.customermagnetism.com/otolaryngologist-marketing/

Otolaryngologist: These types of doctors are sometimes referred to as E.N.Ts. E.N.T is an abbreviation for ear, nose and throat. These doctors provide treatment for ear, nose and throat conditions.

Pediatrician specialists consultationCredit: http://autism.lovetoknow.com/Pediatric_Specialists_in_Autism

Pediatricians: Pediatrician specialists take care of all children medical needs. These doctors provide medical health care for younger patients to 18 years or even 21years. Some of the services that these medical practitioners provide include immunization, check-ups, and school physicals among others. If the kid illness is complicated, the pediatrician may opt to refer the case to a pediatric sub-specialist for further treatment. 

Pulmonologist lung doctorsCredit: http://codingnews.inhealthcare.com/hot-coding-topics/set-the-record-straight-icd-code-options-for-copd/

Pulmonologist: These types of doctors are responsible for dealing with respiratory system. These doctors study critical care medicine and they provide intensive care unit in hospitals.

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Psychiatrists: These doctors treat mental health as well as well-being of the patient. These types of doctors may be office-based or hospital based.

There are about 50-60 careers in the medicine fields. However, each specialty has a different pay scale.  This is mainly because different types of doctors provide completely different types of services.