Music for the Unborn Child

If you are currently pregnant, here is an interesting concept to consider. Listening to classical music during pregnancy can be good for your unborn baby. It has been theorized that music actually helps to develop an unborn child early on in the pregnancy. While there has been very little evidence to support this claim, there are still some facts that children who had listened to music when they were still in their mothers womb have a tendency to love music and even perform better in the school. It has even been noted that a child's brain development can benefit from music.

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Relax and Enjoy the Music

Try it out some time when you have some time to relax. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should turn the music on and play it softly. Then shut your eyes and let your infant and you listen to the music. Classical music is the most popular choice, but you can always try another genre. Pop in that CD or boot up your electronic device and play whatever you like.

I believe that music really does have a beneficial effect on any child. There have been studies that have shown children with lots of exposure to music, very often do well in life. In many cases even children born with disabilities such as Autism have been shown to overcome a myriad of obstacles. They are able to function quite well and many have become great musicians. So, listening to music during pregnancy is a great start for your child. Show your baby how much you love them by exposing them to a cultured world of sound. It is not only good for your baby but also a terrific relaxation method.

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Music Listening Group

If you have some time, why not make baby music listening into a group activity. Gather a group of your pregnant girlfriends and get together. Then play one song you want your babies to listen to. You can have fun picking out genres, experimenting with different sounds and so on. Show your friends your support and witness the magic of music along the way. I'm sure you'll surprise each other. If you're not comfortable with this group activity, try doing it with close relatives instead.

Although the evidence behind this music theory does not amount too much, I still think it is worth it for anyone to try. And I myself can personally say that my mother listening to music when she was pregnant affected me, my fondness for music being unparalleled. Music is soothing, stimulating and an effective means of calming and nurturing an infant.