Literature Display Racks & Stands - Brochure Holders & Dispensers

There are many means by which to organize and display your books, brochures and magazines whether at home or at exhibitions.  From small brochure holders and dispensers to larger metal magazine racks and literature display stands, you can be sure there's something suitable for your trade show booth, office, waiting room or home.

In today’s highly information-bombarded world, reading has become such an essential ability and skill just so we can keep up with the world’s news, trends, and all the like. Nowadays, any office or home cannot be without literature stands that provide compartment for books, magazines, pamphlets, and others. This keeps your workplace or home organized for all your literature needs.

Common Uses

Literature stands are very useful inventions for people who like to read, and for people who want to offer something to read. Usually, they are found outside offices in waiting areas. One example is a literature stand outside a delivery room for waiting fathers, or for a stack of magazines in a salon. They keep people entertained and informed to help pass the time. When people are bored, the best thing to do is to get a book or a magazine and start to read or flip through pages. This stimulates the mind and negates the tendency of people to fall asleep while waiting for something important.

Personally, literature stands are also one way of keeping your magazines and brochures in place without them getting cluttered around the house. Here, you can place your favorite cookbooks, vacation and summer get-away guides, beauty magazines, and others. So if you want to sit down on a lazy day on the couch and read about your favorite celebrity, just reach for that magazine on the stand near you and voila.

In the economical world, businesses rely on marketing materials they create to be displayed and distributed to the public. For this purpose, literature stands are perfect for them to promote the products that you want to get into people’s hands or sell for a profit. This also allows them to promote their products in different locations as there are stands that can be transported from one place to another.

Types of Literature Stands

Literature stands nowadays come in varying shapes and sizes but still retain their organizational purposes and are available for every possible need.

Whether small or large documents, there is a stand for all your needs: the popular table stand. They come in a singular style with the capacity to hold one item. This model comes in varying sizes for standard 8 ½ x 11 flyers or larger as well as sizes for brochures that are folded. The size of this stand is functional and practical. There are also other types for flyers and others for folded materials such as brochures while there are multifunctional types for a display with several materials.

In addition to table stands, there are also larger ones that hold their own on the floor without legs. They stand alone to accommodate several alternatives for you to use however you need it. There are also diverse styles with the same size slots and others with different and multifaceted slots.

There is also a different type of stand that folds up and is convenient because it is portable. These are good for those who need this type of stand so it is easier to move from one location to another. They are either one or two sided, while others may be stationary and swivel. However, they are fairly easy to use and have very good stability. Also, they are good for corners or areas that don’t have that much space to create room for more materials. One type of this fold-up rack is the Swing Up stand that comes in a flat-packed, strong nylon bag that unfolds in seconds.

Another unique type of literature stand is one that hangs on walls and allows you to have a great time choosing the best options for your needs. This type is used if you want to keep your rack in a permanent place for easy reach and are found mostly in offices and similar rooms.

Buying Literature Stands

If you plan on getting your books or magazines organized, or want to keep a person from falling asleep outside your office, it is best to purchase literature stands for this purpose. Their prices depend upon what type or brand you would like your stand to be. Usually, though, the starting price is $100 and this can escalate depending on the size of you literature stand. Popular names are Display2GO and Spoton Corporation.


Literature stands are being used all over the world for their many purposes. If you start to notice that everything around your home or office is starting to get cluttered, maybe it’s time for you to get one of these and organize the vicinity better. And you don’t want that father outside waiting without anything to calm his nerves.