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If you own a cat or two, or three (in reality I think they own you) then you most likely have a cat litter box. Cat behavior problems always tend to happen at the litter box. Cat smells, such as that strong ammonia smell from cat urine can be enough to drive you nuts.

Even if you clean out their litter box of all the "gifts" there always tends to be a lingering cat smell or two right?

Litter Box - Cat Litters On the Market

On the market now are many different types of cat litter that promise to get rid of the smells and absorb odors, but no matter how many times you clean out the litter box, cat smells still seem to meet you at the door when you come in. Some of the products look like they should work well, but if your cat doesn't like it, then she won't use it.

You may have tried changing the brand of your litter to one of these newer types, and as good as they may be, you never get a chance to see how it works, because your cat probably urinated somewhere else!

Litter Box - Cat Toilet Habits

Cats are very touchy about their toilet habits, and suddenly changing the cat litter is one way to get them going somewhere else. In my house I tried this, and I came home to a totally clean litter box, but cat urine smell in my dogs bed! My dog looked totally put out, and I don't blame her.

So, back to the old litter box. Cats smell the slightest change in their litter and they will go somewhere else. One way to counter this, is to change very slowly. Over weeks, but this may not work in your schedule. No one wants cat pee anywhere else in their house but in the cat litter box. Cat behavior is hard to change.

So, by personal experience, I can tell you it may be better to find another way to absorb or get rid of odors, rather than change the litter box. Cats, especially older ones, do not like much change at all, they are very routine. So, it is probably not a good time to try those automatic cat litter boxes, or self cleaning ones. I even tried getting a cat litter box with a lid. My cat was terrified of going in there. If you used one right from when they were kittens you are lucky.

Litter Box - Cat Odors

So, here is my best tip for dealing with odors from the cat litter box. A cat friendly way, that won't interfere with their toilet habits, and you don't have to change to those automatic cat litter boxes, or get them used to new cat litter. You won't have to buy more of those expensive air fresheners that sort of just cling to the odor and don't really get rid of it. You will actually save money in the long run. Here is the tip:


Litter Box - Cat Odors Absorbed by Charcoal

Get that activated charcoal, at the pet store. I get a box of the same charcoal they use in aquarium filters, but the loose stuff. Then fill a pot pourri pot with this and put it near the cat litter box. Cat behavior is not affected because it does not give off any smell, although I would put it somewhere close, yet out of the way. You could fill a open container, but my cat decided to check it out and then left black prints around it!

Another good way, is to fill a cheesecloth with the activated charcoal and place near the cat litter box. Cat smell starts to disappear over the next day or so. You should notice a difference when you walk in the door, the next day. The cheesecloth method works well if you have more than one cat litter box, cat smell is strong, and you have many rooms.

As you know, if you use clumping litter, you need to pick it out daily, sometimes twice a day, but many times that does not always get rid odors.

So try the activated charcoal that you can buy in the pet store. It is in small pieces, and then change it every week or so. You can gauge how your house smells by leaving it and coming in.

Litter Box - Cat Happy

We all love our cats, but their smell can be pretty strong, and the last thing you want is for your cat to start doing their business somewhere else. So let them keep their litter box, cat behavior is not disrupted and everyone is happier. If you have a lot of pets, put a few of these cheesecloth bags or pot pourri containers around the house and your house will smell nice. Not overpowering with floral sprays, or plug ins fresheners, it will absorb odors and just smell nice.

Which is all we can ask for when we own pets! So don't try to change your cat litter box. Cats will not take kindly to changes, unless your cat is still very young. So, if you just can't take that smell in the cat litter box, then try the charcoal and absorb the odors instead. This is a much cheaper way. Believe me, I did the full circle before I tried this method. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, and the charcoal works well.

You can buy charcoal activated fresheners in the stores, but they tend to be expensive. They are basically the activated charcoal in a fancy package. So just buy the box from the pet store, or in the Wal-mart pet department for even cheaper and make your own cheesecloth bags, and get back to loving your cat!.

. Before you hit the back button, this was recommended to me, and I wish I had used this before I spent all the money on the different cat litter boxes. Cat litter added up to! The only good news about that, was the local humane society did well out of the donations of cat litter boxes and bags of litter barely used! They need all the litter they can get, and cat litter boxes.