Cat Furniture Worth Buying

Moving to a much smaller home triggered my search for a better cat box for me and my feline. Where I would now discretely place my cat’s litter box, in a much smaller residence, proved to be less worrisome than I imagined.

I opted to buy a litter box cabinet and purchased my first piece of cat furniture. I can report that the HomeZone Cat Litter House is both very attractive and functional.  It has exceeded my expectations and has met all my must-have kitty litter box requirements. 

This sturdy cabinet houses my furry feline's box perfectly and offers me a hidden litter box option. Now, I also have a much more attractive and less awkward looking dog-proof litter box, too.Litter Box Furniture:  A HomeZone Kitty Litter House Will Exceed Your ExpectationsCredit: Amazon Product PhotoMy prior set up for my cat’s box included an unwieldy and cumbersome baby gate to keep the dog away my feline’s waste.  I no longer need to use a barrier or the baby gate.

Litter boxes are ever-present in cat households. But, for those households with a dog and a cat, a dog-proof litter box is a key requirement. It is also  proably the most primary of necessities for pet owners living with both dogs and cats.

The HomeZone Kitty Litter House has nicely improved the overall look and cleanliness of my home. I highly recommend this excellent and attractive cabinet to all pet owners, and even dog owners, who might wish to use this fixture as a pet hideaway instead of a piece of litter box furniture.  My satisfaction with owning this product continues to increase as I am recognizing more and more benefits to owning this enclosure as time passes.

 Appealing Features and Advantageous Benefits

  1. Hides unsightly cat litter boxes
  2. Aids in odor control and more sanitary management of cat litters and waste
  3. Conveniently houses and accommodates large-sized litter boxes
  4. Decreases litter tracking outside the box and around the house
  5. Increases a cat’s privacy and is an effective dog-proof product
  6. Features a ventilation panel which most covered cat boxes lack
  7. Door panel enables easy access to litter boxes for cleaning
  8. Attractive and suitable for all interior settings
  9. Easy to lift and move yet product is sturdy and well made
  10. Superior to other covered or hooded cat boxes

The HomeZone cabinet fits very conveniently in my small bathroom and I can easily move this cabinet if the need occurs. It also accommodates large cats and my Feline Pine Litter Box also fits well inside this cabinet.   For a point of reference, the Feline Pine box dimensions are 18.5”L and 14.5”W and 6.5”H.

Functional and Attractive

Consider buying this cabinet for yourself and your cat. It’s a terrific pet product and it is superior to other covered cat boxes. It offers cats plenty of room and depth and provides pet owners a significantly more attractive litter box alternative. The fact that this product is also an alternative to plastic boxes is also a big plus.

The Home Zone Kitty enclosure blends well in all home interior settings and it is complimentary to all decor styles. Many users have stated their pleasure with the look and feel of this product. I agree. You can buy this enclosure in white or espresso and it can be purchased online.  Take advantage of the free Site to Store shipping offered by Or, better yet, shop for Amazon's model of the HomeZone Kitty Litter House, which is a little heavier with a shelf attached, that the Walmart model does not feature.

If you require or prefer additional storage options and capacity be sure to purchase this product on Amazon.  Amazon’s model of this cabinet also features a hook for storing litter scoopers inside the cabinet for both easy reach of the scoop and easier litter box cleaning and maintenance.

Product Specs and More

This easy-to-clean enclosure is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF).  I can’t state how other litter box furniture performs or advise how other cat litter furniture pieces compare in size or weight to this cabinet. However, I believe, most cat owners will be able to move this cabinet fairly easily.

The MDF material of this kitty cabinet does not absorb and retain cat odors like some plastic litter boxes do, which is an added advantage to owning and using this product. The door of the furniture cabinet also enables easy access for box cleaning and the opening for feline entry is perfectly sized for most cats.

The cabinet door and its opening is also high enough to trap excess litter particles or pellets (in my case0 that might otherwise spill out of a shallow litter pans with low sides or be flung out by felines who like to dig and scratch their litters during waste elimination. I find that cat odors are less of a problem, with this litter box cabinet, versus other pans and cat box systems I have tried.

Felines are particular about their litters, boxes, and their privacy when they use their boxes. This is understandable. The HomeZone Kitty Litter House suits my cat’s obvious need for privacy quite well. Once the cabinet was assembled, my cat immediately investigated the new site of his box and its housing - tentatively. His brief hesitation ceased right away after his initial experience entering this cabinet.

The HomeZone Kitty Litter House is a solid piece of cat litter box furniture. It is a pet product worth purchasing. It offers felines privacy and cat owners numerous advantageous benefits. For pet owners seeking a dog-proof litter box option, this is a great choice.  Furniture, let alone cat furniture, seldom has this many appealing attributes as this product does. I wish I had purchased this enclosure years ago. This is a must-have pet product.

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