I have a cat, and as much as I try to keep it clean, when I enter the house, I smell litter.  My hubby doesn’t always smell it, but I have a sensitive nose, and I am not a fan.

Of course it also depends on where in the house you keep your cat box, but sometimes there are not many choices, and it cannot be simply hidden away in a closet as your kitty needs to use it and they are very particular on where you hide their toilets.

Your cat doesn’t like it to smell bad either, so it can be a constant battle especially if you have multiple cats.  Air fresheners, don’t really work, they cover it for a few minutes, then it comes back smelling like cat litter with a flowery scent on top, not nice.cat litter box smellCredit: www.abrushwiththepast.com

So, what are our choices?  I want to keep my cat, she is a very important part of the family, but I also don’t want my house smelling like “perfume au kitty”

As I researched this problem, I came up with a few solutions that have worked for me.  The obvious is keeping it clean, by cleaning out the clumps each day and adding fresh if you use clumping litter.

My cat is overweight, and when she steps into the box, part of her doesn’t always make it inside.  She has good intentions, but I discovered, she really needs a more “contained” private space for herself.

Covered No Smell Litter Box

You can get litter boxes with lids or covers, but it is best to get a big one.  This particular unit has a lid and a door and a UV light to keep 90% of the bacteria and smells out of the air.  If your cat is used to “alfresco open air style” as mine is, then you can’t just drop one of these in the space and expect them to carry on.  It is best if you purchase it, and sit it beside your old litter and fill the new one as well and let them explore for a few days, then slowly remove the old one.

I know this seems like a lot of work but is worth it in the end.  Cats don’t like change, even though they are nosy.  They won’t be able to resist entering this and checking it out.  But don’t take away their old one until you see them using the new one.  This particular model also needs access to an electrical outlet for the UV light to work.

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Baking Soda Absorbs Odours

Sometimes it is simply easier to start with the easiest and cheapest possible solution to the odours.  You can clean the box entirely with hot soapy water, then after drying it, sprinkle baking soda in the bottom, or a commercial product designed for cat toilets that will absorb odours, and then add a layer of your fresh litter.

There are litters you can get that absorb odours, but if you don’t want to take a chance on changing the brand just yet, then keep with your old brand and then add a layer of baking soda or a similar product in the bottom.  This will absorb the odours as your cat buries their “business”

cat litter box smellCredit: amazon.com

Litter Disposal

This is where I noticed I was lacking when it came to odour control.  I had a container that I lined with a bag and put the used litter in and got rid of it each week on garbage day.  But I realized every time I was opening the lid of this container I was emitting concentrated smells into the room. 

There are specialty containers that will house this “business” keeping the smells inside and not letting them out.  This alone can make a huge difference to odour control and is an affordable option.

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Move the Box or Use a Corner Style

If possible try moving your kitty toilet area somewhere else away from humans!  This is not always possible especially in a small space, but I came across this corner style one that gives way more options for placement. 

A corner makes it easier and takes up less room, and also easier to keep the area around it clean. 

This particular one also has odor blocking technology that keeps the smells under control, as well as a hood for keeping those kitties that love to “dig to China” in check as they tend to spray it all over the floor of uncovered styles.

Absorbent Material at Doorway

You can get specialty mats that you place at the entrance to collect wayward litter chunks from their feet, but my cat was never a fan so I found simply using a thick layer of newspaper did the trick.  She didn’t like walking on those rough pads that are designed to hold stray bits and pieces.

She was ok with newspaper, and if an accident occurred over the edge, then it was a matter of replacing the paper.


Even with clumping litter, you still need to keep it clean.  If you can get into the habit of dumping the old litter when it gets down in quantity instead of simply keep adding more, and giving it a good wash with hot soapy water, this will definitely help keep litter box smell under control. 

Before clumping litter we pretty much had to do that all the time, clumping has made it easier to empty, but it still gets on the sides and the bottom.

My son works at the local waste water plant as a technologist, and said he has experienced the most horrid sewage odors you can imagine and yet to him the cat litter is worse! 

There is a lot of bacteria in cat urine which creates the odor.  It is amazing how clean and particular a kitty is, and yet the cat toilet smells worse than an outhouse if it gets out of control.

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Odour Eliminators - Perfect for Large Pet Households

It can be hard to get rid of all traces that a cat lives here, but there are other options especially if you have multiple pets.  These eliminators have many filters, and you can get the filter designed for pet odor.  It will clean the air of a 10 x 10 foot room for 3 months before changing the filters.  It uses very little electricity and might be the answer you are looking for especially with multiple pets.

Odour Free Litter

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You can purchase specialty litters that will absorb smells better than other, but you still need to stay on top of daily “picking” as I call it.  You don’t want to leave it in the box too long.  The quicker you get it out the better for smell control.

NOTE:  If you want to try changing the brand, do it a little bit at a time.  Kitties are very particular about change, and you need to just mix it with the present brand over a week or two adding a bit more each time until they are used to it. 

If you do it too fast, they will find a new “toilet” and it won’t be a happy place for you!  Allow a lot of time for changes, such as a no smell litter box, or a new brand and allow them the time to adjust and your house will be fit for humans again.