Feline Pine Also Makes a Super Litter Boxes for Cats

Did you know that the makers of Feline Pine cat litter also make a terrific litter box too?

Like their cat litter, the Feline Pine cat litter box is also a top quality product for cats. After trying multiple cat litter brands and litter boxes that I was never completely satisfied with, I discovered the pine pellets and cat litter boxes made by Feline Pine.

A Feline Pine Self-Cleaning Litter Box Product Review

Using these two Feline Pine products together, I now use less cat litter, the Feline Pine pellets work better and last longer since I started using this litter box.  As a result, I save money. Who wants to buy or use more cat litter than they are already using?

The Feline Pine litter box is not a flimsy plastic box but rather a durable one. It is sturdy and very well made. There are many advantages to using choosing and buying this particular litter box. The design of the Feline Pine self-cleaning litter box is simple and effective.  It’s a good-sized litter box and the height of the sides of this box also helps to eliminate messy cat litter tracking around the house.

Litter Boxes for Cats - How This One Works

To appreciate why this litter box works so well, it is necessary to first understand how Feline Pine cat litter works. Feline Pine's litter product is an all natural pellet litter which breaks down into sawdust upon contact with liquids. After cats urinate on these highly absorbent pellets, they dissolve quickly into sawdust.

The litter box made by Feline Pine is composed of two separate pans. Pellets are added to the upper pan which sits elevated inside the lower, slightly larger, bottom holding pan. The upper pan has grid holes. As the pellets break down into sawdust they get filtered away and sifted through to the bottom pan. Dry pellets remain whole or intact in the top pan until they get wet and break down. The box design also helps to keep any new and dry litter apart, and preserved from, the wet and used litter that becomes sawdust. This makes for a cleaner litter box environment for cats.

The Many Benefits to Using the Feline Pine Litter Box

The Feline Pine litter box facilitates easier and faster litter box cleanups and fewer full-box changes. Solid wastes are also easier to scoop out of the box as they remain in the upper pan until they are scooped. Scooping a deep box of litter to remove solid wastes is no longer necessary. The remaining dry pellets are also preserved longer as wet waste is filtered away from dry useable product. The pellets also last longer in this box because good product is not unnecessarily or prematurely thrown out with the bad when cleaning this box. The same cannot be said for the Feline Pine pellets when they are used in a non-sifting pan that is, by design, a pan with only a single compartment. Both good pellets are likely disposed of with sawdust as they are mixed together. Furthermore, my cat now steps in and out of a cleaner, somewhat more sanitary box, as damp pellets break down and fall to the bottom of his box and I have significantly less litter tracking around his box than I had in the past.

Key Benefits to This Litter Box for Cats

  1. Useable, clean and intact pellets are sifted away from soiled and used litter
  2. Useable pellet disposal is prevented when used product is removed
  3. Only the immediate disposal of solid wastes and decomposed sawdust is needed
  4. The box features reduce the frequency of full-litter box changes
  5. The box design aids in faster and easier solid waste removal
  6. Dry pellets are preserved from moisture and premature decomposition
  7. Product decreases litter tracking as damp product is filtered away
  8. Using this litter box, pellet performance and longevity is enhanced and prolonged
  9. This cat litter box aids household health and cleanliness

A Slight Downside

The Feline Pine litter box is nearly a perfect cat product. While some of the pine pellets do get stuck in the grid holes of the Feline Pine's sifting pan, the amount is negligible. This is my experience.  Some other product users, however, do view this as a design problem of this box.

I am very pleased with these two Feline Pine cat litter products and I will continue using them. I have tested other boxes and litters with less positive results. I have used these two products for nearly six years and both products work quite well. My guiding test as to the efficiency and worth of these products is the fact that my cat has also used both these products regularly and properly for the same number of years.

One Questionable Product Claim

I don’t agree with one product claim made by Feline Pine. They state that their self-cleaning box never needs to be completely changed again. Simply removing the sawdust from the bottom pan as needed and continually adding new litter to the top tray, does not, in my mind, completely remove the need to ever fully change the box again.

In my view, this box, like any other litter box, needs to be washed and disinfected from time-to-time as the ammonia smell or ammonia residue from cat urine does cling to plastic and cat litter boxes.

I Use a Puppy Pee Pad to Help Keep My Box Clean

Bonus tip – line the bottom holding tray of this box with puppy pee pads. Cleaning out liquid waste and damp sawdust from any cat box is a messy job. I tried using cat box liners to make this task less messy but I have had greater success using pee pads to line the box. I chose these pads especially because of their plastic backing.

I use the Precision Pet Products Little Stinker Housebreaking Pads to catch the sawdust and cat urine that is deposited into the bottom of my cat’s litter box. Now instead of wiping out a messy box, I simply pick up these pads and throw them out. This step speeds up this chore and makes it far less messy.

These pee pads lock in and trap liquid very effectively. They also contain their own odor eliminating ingredients and the pads feature a stay-dry top layer. These durable pads have yet to tear or leak in the year’s time I have used them.

The dimensions of these particular housebreaking pads measure 24 x 24 and each pad fits the bottom pan of the Feline Pine litter box perfectly. The pads stay in place because they are sandwiched between the two pans of this box. The dimensions of the Feline Pine litter box are 18.5"L, 14.5"W and 6.5"H. 

Effective cat litters and litter box solutions are subjective to cats and their owners and these solutions must be arrived at by personal trial. Recommendations and product reviews can only help others make informed decisions. Results will vary certainly, but these two Feline Pine products are very worthy litter box solutions for both felines and cat owners.

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