Get Your Cat To Use His Box

For most kittens, litter training is easy to accomplish.  Cats are clean animals that actually prefer to use a litter box.  In fact, kittens are usually litter trained by their mothers.  However, problems arise when kittens and their mothers are separated too early.  When this happens, a kitten will need to learn from his new owner.  Fortunately, this is an exceptionally simple process. 

When your kitten comes home for the first time, place him in the litter box.  Let him paw the sand, and he will quickly get the idea.  Reinforce the lesson by placing him in the litter box immediately after he eats or drinks.  Do not stand over or stare at your kitten as he does his business; cats are very finicky and demand privacy.  With this in mind, it is also a good idea to place the litter box in a quiet and secluded corner.  With a little prompting, your kitten will quickly learn to use the litter box on his own.

In addition, there are several things that you can do to make litter training a little easier on your kitten.  When purchasing litter from the pet store, try to get fine-grained litter.  It will be gentler on your kitten’s delicate paws.  Once you find a brand that your kitten likes, try to stick with it.  If you decide to change to a different brand, slowly introduce the new litter by mixing it with the old. 

Keep the box clean because cats are very picky about cleanliness.  If the litter box is dirty, your kitten may search for another place in your home to do his business.  This could be disastrous, so take a few minutes each day to clean the box.  To make cleaning easy, avoid using regular clay cat litter.  While regular clay litter is very inexpensive, it is also a pain to clean up.  On the other hand, clumping cat litter is a much better alternative.  When absorbing urine, this litter clumps into a solid mass that is easy to scoop away.  Therefore cleanup is easy and there is no need to dispose of all the litter in the box.  When buying clumping cat litter, look for a brand that is dust free.  This is important because you do not want your cat to track litter dust all over your carpets and furniture.

Last but not least, remember that litter training takes time.  Do not punish your cat when he makes a mistake.  With a little patience and praise, you will be pleasantly surprised to find your kitten successfully using his litter box.  

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