Ok, so you are heading out for the evening, but now you need a little black clutch purse right?  Something that won’t overwhelm or take away from that cocktail dress you are wearing out on the town tonight.

You want something small and cute, but at the same time you need to be practical, and it needs to have room for keys, lipstick, money and your cell phone.  So, you want something big enough and yet compact enough.  This is referred to as a clutch purse.

If you have spent a lot of time and money getting just the right dress for that night out, such as a cocktail dress, then don’t cheapen the look with that big suitcase sized purse you carry around every day that could hold everything you own and more. 

You want something delicate and yet not too fancy, as you don’t want to take away from the stunning dress you have chosen.  There are many little black clutch purses on the market that would do the trick.  Black is a great colour for accessories, as they actually compliment most colours of dresses.  Therefore you won’t have to buy one for each dress you own.  You can get just the one and use it for your nights out.

If you want the smaller clutch purse, but still need to fill it, then consider getting a clutch purse that actually folds over, so that when unfolded it is much larger to carry those things you just have to have.  Or another great style is a wider, more of a rectangle shaped purse, it has more room, and yet still looks the part.

You can also get a little black clutch purse that can be either carried in your hand or worn delicately over your shoulder with an attached chain.  Having this option is great if you want to carry your purse but don’t always want to be holding it in your hand, it will still look delicate enough on your shoulder.Little Black Clutch Purse

So, if you are heading out to that wedding or out for a special night, and have gone shopping for and purchased a great cocktail dress, and shoes, don’t forget to add a little black clutch purse to the list. Element Serena Clutch - Women's Black, One Size

These are affordable.  You can get them in different price ranges depending on what they are made out of.  You don’t have to spend a lot to get a cute black clutch purse.  Or you can find one to match your new shoes.  You did get some new shoes right?  Accessories make the dress.

You can actually make a very plain dress look like a great evening dress, just by changing your shoes to some nice heels, a little black clutch purse and maybe a step up on the jewellery, and you will look the part.

You can get black clutch purses at many department stores and good shoe stores.  But some of the largest varieties are online at such sites as Amazon.

You can get a decent one for under 20 dollars if you really look.  After all you probably blew the budget on the dress and shoes right?  So, go for something simple.  Black is a great accessory colour for any cocktail dress.  Just don’t use your big old daily purse for that night out!