In order to make good money from writing for Adsense revenue sharing sites, you need to do more than just publish articles, you need to make sure that they are promoted as well. Without proper promotion of your articles, they will be hard to find for potential readers – which will mean few hits and poor Adsense earnings.

One of the best, and most popular, ways of promoting your content is through various social bookmarking websites. These are websites that enable users to share links with each other. You see something that you like, you post a title, short description and link to the specific page – and if people like it, a surge of traffic will be the result. Even though the more popular social bookmarking sites have millions of viewers, this is not the main advantage of posting on these sites – the biggest advantage is quick and easy search engine submission. Sites like Digg and Stumble Upon are searched by search engine bots frequently – and by putting your article in the "firing line" of these bots, they will be listed on major search engines without the need for time consuming manual submissions.

The 5 Site Method recommends making use of just Digg as your non-revenue sharing social bookmarking site as it is the most popular and is the best choice when you do not have the time to be promoting articles all day long. But what if you have the time to submit your article to a few more social bookmarking sites, but still want to do it as quickly and easily as possible? This is where the social bookmarking application comes in. This application is present on many websites and can also be installed directly into your browser – either way it is a valuable tool that you should incorporate into your freelance writing efforts.

Info Barrel is an example of an Adsense revenue sharing site that makes use of this tool. As can be seen in the image, Info Barrels social bookmarking application contains the logos for the following websites: Yahoo Buzz, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter, Mixx, Deliciouc (formerly and Reddit. It is recommended that you sign up for at least a Yahoo account (which will enable you to use both Yahoo Buzz and, Stumble Upon, Digg and Reddit. These are the fastest to use as when you click on their logos in the social bookmarking application, a page will come up with most of the required information (and in some cases all of it) automatically filled out and ready to submit. Facebook and Twitter can also bring in some decent traffic, but only if you have tons of friends or a decent following – and the traffic these bring are once off rather than sustainable in the long term. Mixx isn't in the list because it does not automatically complete the form for you and therefore takes longer than the others to submit.

What you do is this: Go to your newly published masterpiece, and on each of the Buzz, Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious and Reddit icons on the social bookmarking application, right click and select "Open Link In New Tab" – then go to each new tab, complete the missing information in each submission form (which will usually be no more than a code or some key words) and submit – and close the tab as you finish each one. That's it. With a decent internet connection and a small amount of effort – this is a fast way to submit each of your articles to at least 5 of the best social bookmarking sites.

What if you do not use Info Barrel, and the Adsense revenue sharing site that you use does not make use of the social bookmarking application?

Then you will have to install such an application so that it can be used directly through your internet browser. One of the best tools to use is Shareaholic, which is a green icon that sits next to your address bar and reveals a drop down menu containing social bookmarking site logos when clicked on – it is available for all main web browsers and can be downloaded for free from the Shareaholic website. All you have to do once it is installed is go to your article, click on the drop down menu, and choose the social bookmarking sites you would like to use, and each one will open up in a new window, almost ready to submit (as with the Info Barrel method). You may feel the need to bookmark your article on various sites for different reasons, but to keep things quick and simple – just using Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious, and Reddit will suffice.

By making it a habit of using social bookmarking applications to promote your online content, you will ensure that your articles are easily found on major search engines and bring in the amount of traffic that they deserve – and you will be doing this in a much faster way than if you were to go to each site individually and fill out the necessary submission forms for each link. Adding a few more social bookmarking sites to your promotion efforts may take some extra time – but social bookmarking applications ensure that this extra time is kept to a minimum – with the results being well worth the effort.