Dress Like Laura Ingalls for Halloween

One of the most endearing and popular children’s authors is Laura Ingalls Wilder. Born on February 7, 1867, she was the second child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls’ five children. Her family was a typical pioneer one. Her father had a wandering foot and because he was the man, the family did as they were told and they traveled across the United States.

The Ingalls family lived a hard life in comparison to the cushy ones that kids have today. Everything had to be done by hand, and kids could not excuse themselves from chores because they were in the middle of an Xbox game.

Many girls become fascinated by Laura’s life. She told about it in her first book, Little House in the Big Woods, which was published in 1932. It told the story of five year old Laura, her seven year old sister, Mary, and her baby sister, Carrie, as they lived in the Big Woods of Pepin, Wisconsin.

Little House on the Prairie Costume IdeasCredit: By NBC Television Network (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By NBC Television Network (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

Despite their young age, Laura and Mary were expected to help out and do chores. There was no three hours of playing with Mommy when they had to cook, sew and garden to meet their everyday needs and to simply survive.

The Theme Song That Takes You Back in Time

It was such a critical hit that fans clamored for more of Laura’s stories. Her second book, Little House on the Prairie, has the family moving to the great plains of Kansas to set up a homestead. It is this book that we meet Mr. Edwards, a beloved character who played a pivotal role in the television series based on the books.

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All told, there were nine books in the Little House series. Each one had it’s share of happy times and hard times, but through it all, faith and family got them through it.

In fact, when Mary lost her eyesight due to her bout with scarlet fever, Pa made Laura promise to be Mary’s eyes. This is what fans and scholars believe to be the beginning of Laura’s writing career, as she had to be as descriptive of her surroundings as she could be so Mary could visualize what was taking place.

Laura Ingalls Costume for Girls

Perfect for her prairie days!

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Little House Bonnets for Girls

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