Dark horse Golf Club in Auburn, CA, California could be one of the best designed in the world. The intricate design in this Auburn, CA Real Estate is simply amazing. It is evident that someone with a fantastic mind dreamed up this creation. This luscious golf course boasts 18 holes and 7,000 yards of greens. Six ponds and eight steams decorate the majestically designed golf course heaven. This is definitely a gem of a find off the beaten path. Another elegant golf course, Black Oak Golf Course, is situated on hilly terrain. This 9 hole paradise is sure to give you a challenge. Although this luscious green is short, the elevated terrain of this Auburn, CA Real Estate gives a golfer a suitable challenge.

If you are looking for a tantalizing meal, you can hop right over to Awful Annie's in Auburn, CA. This scrumptious diner serves up breakfast and lunch to hungry patrons. The variety of fresh salads, soups, and sandwiches is enough to drive you mad. You should not forget to grab a bowl of the French soup. The chef uses bourbon to give it some flavor out of this world. Awful Annie's is definitely a well beloved place in Auburn, CA Real Estate.

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Carpe Vino is nestled in the beautiful hills of Auburn, CA Real Estate. This wine bar has fine food and art to enjoy. This creative wine bar is designed to be a fun and festive place to gather. You can let your stress melt away in this piece of Auburn, CA Real Estate. Wines from near and far are served at the Carpe Vino. In addition, if you are not the wine type, the Auburn, CA Alehouse sits on some great Auburn, CA Real Estate. You can enjoy a ice cold glass of brew in this inviting pub. You can also enjoy a delicious pulled pork sandwich with your frosty brew. This pub is definitely a place for food, folks, drink, and fun. A hard day's work can be rewarded with this relaxing pub.

Do you have a taste for something different? How does some sushi sound? Hanami Sushi is a wonderful place to get some sushi. You can visit this Auburn, CA Real Estate and truly enjoy the complete Japanese experience. The servers wear authentic Japanese outfits. Also, the quaint dining area upstairs is very cozy. The food is simply yummy. Your tummy will truly thank you for this treat.

The Auburn, CA State Recreation area is a beautiful landscape of Auburn, CA Real Estate. The 35,000 acres of this green paradise runs along 40 miles of the American River. The family can spend a whole day soaking in the splendor of this area. There is simply no need to be bored with trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

You do not have to worry about the weather cooperating. Spring and summer provides plenty of daylight to indulge your recreational cravings. You can stay active, or you can choose to simply soak in the sun. Take a chair or lounge chair and simply soak up the golden rays of sunshine. Climate in Auburn, CA Real Estate truly allows a person to experience the wonders of season changes. You can look at the blossoming flowers in spring, or the leaves falling from trees in fall. You do not have to miss nature's fantastic display in this Auburn CA Real Estate.

Once you are ready to satisfy your cultural craving, you can go visit Old Town Gallery of Fine Art. Local art is featured in this lovely gallery. Although Auburn, CA Real Estate has small town feel, the gallery showcases talent that is known around the world. They surely do not skimp on the quality of art. A rich variety of paintings, sculpture, and photographs line the walls and shelves. You will surely not be disappointed.

Auburn CA Real Estate has so much to see and do. You probably should not forget to visit the Vibrance Medical Spa. After enjoying the many options, your body deserves some special pampering. You can enjoy luxurious pampering treatments; the skincare products are exquisite, and they are of the highest quality.

The best of California and the western region can be found in Auburn, CA. Everything you can possibly imagine is here for you. Regardless of what your tastes and preferences this fabulous place has something to offer. One size truly fits all in Auburn, CA, California. The small town community appeals to many. Big city entertainment and events attract some. The Endurance Capital reputation draws others. The lure of Auburn, CA, California is simply irresistible. Bring the kids, grandparents, and the parents. Once you truly experience the best of Auburn, CA Real Estate, you will want to stay. Some come to visit; others come to build a life and spend a lifetime.

The peaceful waters, hilly terrain, and golden sunshine beckon you. The citizens of Auburn, CA, California invite you to experience paradise.