Cancer Treatments
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Being told that you have cancer is frightening. It does not matter what the doctor says after the “c” word, you are not going to hear whether it is terminal or not, you just hear cancer.  Immediately after the shock wears off, your next thought is how can this be cured.  We all know there are well-known treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery that can produce a decent rate of  for remission for some kinds of cancer, but they create a lot of collateral damage along the way.

There are some little-known cancer cures that may be worth checking out. Bear in mind that not everything that has worked to cure one person’s cancer is going to work for everyone. There are a lot of factors at play in remission rates that medical science is only just starting to recognize.


Electromedicine is a new and experimental cancer treatment that is showing signs of moving into a cancer cure. Again, it may only work for certain types of cancers and at certain stages but evidence is growing that it is effective. Electromedicine works on the principle that most cancers are a form of viral infection and high powered electrical impulses and waves are sent into the affected area to clear out the microbiological basis of the infection. It is done using machines especially designed for this purpose.


Reiki is a little-known cancer cure that is gaining more and more recognition. A good way of thinking of it is as “electromedicine without the machine.” A Reiki practitioner acts as a channel between the Reiki, or life energy, within a person and the Reiki that exists in everything outside of the person. The theory is that the cancer has developed where there is a blockage in the person’s energy channels. By clearing this blockage, the body is then able to heal cure itself of the cancer.

Reiki is traditionally done by a method similar to the faith based “laying on of hands.” The practitioner lays hands on certain parts of the patient’s body to facilitate the energy flow. It should be noted that while there is little clinical evidence that Reiki is a cancer cure, oddly enough, more hospitals are providing Reiki as a complimentary treatment for cancer patients.

Nutrition and Supplements

There are many supplements and diets that work with many cancers to cure them or help to manage their presence. MSM and DMSO are often cited as little-known cancer cures. Changing your diet to one that is mostly fruit and vegetable based and avoiding all red meats and processed food is recognized as “the cancer diet” and can reduce the invasion of the disease because your body becomes healthier and better able to fight it.


Mediation, especially the kind that uses visualization is a little-known, but popular cancer cure. Patients are taught to both reduce their stress levels, allowing their bodies to focus energy on healing itself and to visualize the cancerous cells getting smaller and smaller until they disappear. There is growing documentation that these visualization techniques are very effective with tumors and other cancerous forms.

There are numerous ways to deal with cancer both from traditional medicine and natural or alternative treaments.  Regardless of which you choose; know that there are many options that could potentially save your life, so never give up.