When it comes to the world of online degrees the first thoughts that come to mind are business and computer degrees. With the explosion of colleges offering long distance learning, there is a large amount of degrees to choose from. The average student doesn't realize there is a whole world of choices that are not visible without researching a few colleges in detail. Most degrees fall into approximately 6-8 major categories. These include arts and religion, business and MBA, computer and information technology(IT), education and teaching, health and medicine, science and engineering, social sciences, trade and careers.

Obvious careers include such things as nursing, teaching, MBA, basic business administration, human resources, or web design. These are all well known careers that can be obtained online or at a brick and mortar college. For every well known career path there is the lesser known possibility of a Master's of Arts in Religion and a Master of Science in Interactive Communications. While these may not be for everyone there is certainly someone that is interested in pursuing these types of online degrees.

Other interesting online degrees that are quite so well known are Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. An Occupational Safety Bachelor's degree prepares anyone wanting to obtain a career for OSHA. This is the company that inspects and regulates the safety procedures of every business in the United States. They will be trained in all of the regulations and proper inspection procedures. A Bachelor's in Construction Management trains a person to manage and essentially run a construction project and business. This includes such things as certain laws, managing the overall project, contracts, scheduling and drawing.

Online degrees that are less known also include those such as a Bachelor's of Science in Aviation Technology and a Bachelor's of Arts in Environmental Studies. Aviation Technology helps to launch a person's career in the airplane/airline industry. During this time they will receive basic training in regards to positions such as Air Traffic Controller, operations, maintenance and even possible military aviation basics. Environmental Studies offers a wide knowledge of both local and world-wide issues that involve the complex and ever-changing social, economic, cultural and environmental issues that affect the world's population.

Regardless of what a potential student's interest are, there is quite possibly the ability to earn their degree through long distance learning. There are always new classes, certifications and Master's programs that are available as online degrees. Doing a little research can go a long way.