Several individuals refer to a "broken home" as a very derogatory term that causes strife for single mothers across the nation. These unnecessary labels are created that hold negative stereotypes and malicious statements towards single parents. Whatever the situation may be, you as a parent have to ensure that your child receives the best care and nourishment possible to live a healthy and successful life. It is easy for others to label those who are going through a constant struggle, it is your duty to break the shackles of such stereotypes and prove to be the best single parent you can be.

If you think that you can't raise your child to be the perfect human being, or at least close to it, you are under a great misconception. The truth of the matter is that the right parenting skills can nurture any child to grow up in a healthy manner and achieve widespread success. It is not necessary that there must be two parents in order to raise a child correctly. If done the right way, parenting can help a child grow up to be a confident and independent individual who can survive on his/her own.

Current research shows that the number of children that have single parents has doubled since 1970. According to further research carried out, this amount may double again within the years to come. This doesn't mean that all children with single parents are doomed. Some effective strategies can be carried out to ensure the proper development of a child regardless of all the stereotypes and negative connotations associated with single mom parenting.
Adjust Your Attitude

It is important to give flexibility to your child if you are a single mom. You need to make your child believes the relationship you have with him/her is a viable option rather than a forced one. Any mom should practice portraying the utmost sense of optimism when around their child or children. This can be used as a great tool to increase the confidence of any child because there is lesser conflict in a single parent home. So there is no confusion in a child about who to believe, their mom or their dad?

You Are The Authority Figure

Another important aspect of single mom parenting is to assert the fact that you are the boss in this household. It is essential for a single mom to leave no doubt in the mind of her child or children that she is going to call the shots. So no means no, and the curfews and rules you set within the household have to be followed very strictly without any hang ups. Any growing child needs limits, or else he/she faces severe chances of developing a destructive attitude towards themselves and their family. Discipline is something that should be practiced on a regular basis in any single parent's house. You might feel like a party-pooper when you turn down your child's request, but it will teach your child that there are limits and therefore, he/she will be more responsible in the future.