Self confidence. It is something we all need if we are to have successful genuinely happy lives. Of course having self confidence is far easier to write or say then to have. People all over the world lack self confidence in situations ranging from relationships to job interviews. This article is intended to share great self confidence boosters that have worked for me and others.



 I have constantly seen that really confident people are always very polite people. They are always engaging in conversations and listen . This is because confident people appreciate what they have and do not worry about what they lack.  You will find that people who truly appreciate what they have, will be polite and sincere in any social engagement.

To use this, when having a conversation or a meeting, make a mental note of the positive good things other people have done or have, then simply make a compliment. Make sure it is genuine and sincere. Most times you will get a compliment or a very nice thank you back!


A quick creation


I have realised when writing articles or designing original headers and photographs for websites or blogs I have felt an inner sense of satisfaction and confidence.  Creativity is something that is often drummed out of us when we hit adult life, remember as a kid we were always creating always experimenting well get back like this. Have that sense of wonder and that creative energy .

You will surprise yourself and may discover a new side to yourself . I honestly thought I was the least creative person in this world but I have discovered I can create pretty good pictures and headers, have an eye for a good photo (can somebody please buy me a new camera!) and can create some great food. Heck even me writing this article is a form of creation!

The internet is a great place to share so you can use websites like redgage to illustrate your creativity and even get some cash. All of this will boost your self-confidence and maybe your bank balance too.

You can extend this further by going to classes and developing your new-found skills, here you will also increase your social skills and meet similar minded people.

Self Confidence Quotes

Self Confidence Quotes

Quotes from inspirational people

Another underutilized method of inspiration and for building self-confidence is the use of quotes. These self confidence quotes when read and digested properly can really have an impact.   The above quote is from a film called Dune and it is something I have drilled into my brain when facing a scary situation. For example if I feel scared to  talk to or even look at an attractive girl then I remember this quote and another "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" so I gain perspective and confidence . An added bonus is since using this technique I have also learned about the lives of some very inspirational people ranging from Muhammad Ali and Helen Keller. These people have inspired me to do positive things with my life and given me the motivation to succeed. Educating yourself is a very powerful tool.