You may be thinking that all of the little red riding hood costume ideas are for young girls; however, I have seen a variety of people execute these costumes effectively. You can definitely dress up as this famous story book character for Halloween whether you’re turning 4 or halfway through 40!

There are basically two ways that you can go about getting your hands on a little red riding hood Halloween costume. You can either create your own do-it-yourself version of the costume or simply buy one from your local costume store. This article will be going over both of these options with you.

Create Your Own DIY Little Red Riding Hood Costume

There are two cool things about creating your own do-it-yourself little red riding costume:

-It is relatively easy to execute

-People will know that you are dressing up as this story book character immediately upon looking at you!

What makes this DIY costume even more effective is its universality! You can choose to wear your little red riding hood costume on Halloween, while you are heading to a costume party, or even to school for book week! And these three situations are only the tip of the iceberg...this outfit can be worn on many other occasions!

In order to create your own DIY riding hood costume, you must pay attention to two things:

-A shirt or dress with a reed hood. The character’s outfit varies from story to story; however, one thing always remains the same...the fact that the character is always wearing a piece of clothing with a red hood.

-A basket with a red cloth in it. This basket is one of the main props in the story because it is what little red riding hood was supposed to use to get the food from her grandmother!

You can choose to wear whatever pants, socks, boots, and shoes that you want. However, you MUST make sure that you have a red hood and a basket that you are carrying around. I can guarantee that people will know that you are dressing up in a little red riding hood costume if you have included these two things as part of your outfit!

As I had stated at the beginning of the article, you can also purchase your costume from a store. I would personally recommend executing any of the DIY little red riding hood costume ideas because they are so simple; however, you can utilize the following paragraph if you wish to buy it.

Purchase Your Red Riding Hood Costume From A Store

Those that don’t wish to put together their own DIY costume can choose to buy one from their local Halloween store. To be honest with you I have seen these costumes sell for upwards of $70 at costume stores; however, they are available on Amazon for about $30!

With that being said, you shouldn’t buy the first red riding hood outfit that you see; you should definitely make sure that it has a few things:

-You should definitely check to see that the costume includes a red hood and carrying basket. Those are the two key things that make the costume recognizable!

-I would recommend comparing some prices so that you’re not overpaying. I have seen a ton of people pay over $80 for Halloween costumes that they only wear once; I wouldn’t want you to make the same mistake!

-You should also check online to see what the other buyers are saying about the company that produces the costume. Checking for reviews can always reveal the good and bad!

If you can positively say that you have done these three things, you can safely scrap the thought of executing any of the homemade little red riding hood costume ideas and embrace the thought of buying one from a store!

A Couples’ Costume Idea-Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

This is one of the best Halloween costumes for couples because it utilizes two famous story book characters that are also easy dress up as! The basics of a DIY and store bought red riding hood costume are listed above; however, I have yet to speak about dressing up as the big bad wolf!

I would not recommend creating your own Big Bad Wolf Halloween costume because it would be ridiculously difficult. However, I would definitely recommend heading on over to Amazon to check out their selection of big bad wolf Halloween costumes!

At the end of the day, a universal Halloween costume is one of the best ones that you can create or buy. Nobody wants to spend the time or money on a costume that they are only going to wear once! Execute any of these little red riding hood costume ideas for Halloween or any other occasion and you will surely be pleased!