Little Tikes Bouncers for children are the latest addition to their large line of outdoor toys. Bouncing is a great form of exercise for children, and let's face it, they love to bounce and jump up and down! Instead of having to go to a carnival for this type of fun, you can simply purchase a Little Tikes Bouncer for your own backyard.

There are different kinds of Little Tikes Bouncers. Some are for very young children and others are for older children. Other can easily fit indoors while others are for outdoor use only due to their size. The smaller ones can easily fit inside a basement or playroom for bouncing fun year round.

Many of the outdoor bouncers pay for themselves in just one use, as it costs a fortune to rent one for a birthday party or family barbeque. Best of all, the larger Little Tikes Bouncers can hold up to 250 pounds, so parents can have some active playtime with their children and get some exercise in, too!

Outdoor Little Tikes Bouncers are also easy to clean with a hose or a bucket of soap and water.

Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline

The Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline is a great indoor bouncer for children ages three to six. It measures 6 x 6 x 6 and can hold a few bounce balls for extra fun. For safety, there are inflatable walls and netting so children do not bounce out of the Bounce House Trampoline. This bouncer is for one child only.

Little Tikes Triangle Bouncer

Just like the name says, the Little Tikes Triangle Bouncer is in the shape of a triangle. It can fit two children ages three and up comfortably. An extra-wide slide is the way to exit the Triangle Bouncer. Also included is an outside storage pocket to hold shoes or other items. There is netting to keep the children inside the bouncer while jumping up and down.

Little Tikes Junior Sports and Slide Bouncer

Do you have a child who loves sports? The Little Tikes Junior Sports and Slide Bouncer is more than just a bouncer-it has two basketball hoops and a soccer/hockey goal. The Junior Sports Bouncer comes with three balls and a hockey stick, so there is no need to go out and buy extra equipment. The slide is seven feet wide so more than one child can race down. This is an outdoor bouncer for lots of sporty fun for children ages three and up.

Little Tikes Jump and Double Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide BouncerThe Little Tikes Jump and Double Slide Bouncer is a large bouncer for outdoor use. It is recommended for children ages three to fifteen. One climber leads to a slide which is four feet tall, the other slide is smaller. Both have side rails. Tall, protective walls surround a large jumping area, and it has a mesh door that closes for safety.

Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bouncer

The Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bouncer is the same as the Double Slide Bouncer, except that is has only one smaller slide.

Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slice Bouncer

This Little Tikes Bouncer keeps children away from the hot sun. It has a canopy over the jumping area and can fit three children on it.

Little Tikes Bouncers are a lot of fun for children. Laughs and giggles will come from all who get to jump up and down right in their own backyard!