Little Tikes Junior Bumper Ball

Most everyone knows Little Tikes for producing good quality children’s toys. Their products can be found in many of the major toy stores and retail stores all across the world. Little Tikes is pretty good at producing unique developmental products for children. Their inflatable ball called Little Tikes Junior Bumper Ball is one of those unique products.

In search of something that my children could play with outdoors, I came across the Junior Bumper Ball. My children are ages 2, 4, and 8 so I was hoping to find something that they all could have fun with together. When I found the Bumper Ball, it caught my attention because of its size. Looking more into it, that is reading some online reviews, I was a little skeptical at buying it. A lot of the reviews I read were partially good but mostly negative. Some would mention things like the ball being fun but not good at staying inflated. Or how it was poor far as quality, deflating on grass. I found very few reviews that mentioned how good the product was and how the reviewer’s children really did like the ball.

My Experience with the Little Tikes Junior Bumper Ball

Well, since the reviews to me were like 50/50, some saying its good others saying it is not, I decided to buy it and see for myself. My review of the product after watching my kid’s play with it for about two months:

Taking a Beating

I found the ball to be durable. After going through a lot of throwing, dragging, pulling, bouncing, diving, and bat hitting the ball is still intact and inflated. I did not deflate the ball at anytime, therefore it remained outside. It has been rained on and pushed about by the wind. My grass had grown a few inches high (not too high) and did have thin sticks in it and the ball was not affected by it.

Fun for All?

I found that my youngest one plays with it the most (my two year old). He enjoys crawling inside of it and peeking through the see through windows on it. My four year old will find time for it when he’s not playing with his cars and trucks. He is pretty tall for his age but does enjoy crawling thru it and diving on top of it. My oldest, will play with it with the other two. This is where the pulling and dragging around comes into play. Overall I would say the bumper ball is fun for all.

Inflating the Bumper Ball

As the snickers commercial says “not going anywhere for awhile”. It does take a long time to blow the ball up. The instructions say “not” to use an electric air pump but to use a manual pump so that you don’t over inflate it. Well, I use an electric air pump. If I would have used a manual air pump it would have taken hours to inflate the ball. I did make sure however that I did not over inflate the ball. This could be the cause of other reviews stating that it would blowout or deflate on them. It does come with a small patch kit in case you get a hold in the ball.

Junior Bumper Ball

I did notice that when my youngest son was inside the ball, it was a little hard to roll the ball with him inside. I am not sure if this is because I didn’t inflate the whole ball to the highest extend. Perhaps this is why mines too look a little flat as you can see from the picture.


My children enjoy playing with the bumper ball. It has held up for us for about two months now with no problems. I would say (or the big kid inside of me would say) after playing with this ball I wish I would have gotten the 51 inch ball instead. I think that size would be even much exciting than this one which is some thirty something inches.

Little Tikes Junior Bumper Ball
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(price as of Sep 5, 2016)


  • Durable
  • Fun for different ages
  • Little to none upkeep
  • Encourages kids to use their imagination


  • Tends to be a little flat shaped (this could be because of under inflation)
  • Not easy to roll while child inside (my youngest son is about 30lbs, but this too can be from under inflation)
Bumper Ball,no.7362,assorted color
Amazon Price: $99.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 5, 2016)
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