Little Tikes has come through again with another brilliant playset that is destined to be a hit! The Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen Playset is a dual purpose toy that will provide hours of enjoyment for any girl or boy. For 40 years, the Little Tikes Company has produced quality innovative toys and the Cook N Grill Kitchen is no exception. If you have been considering buying a playset for your youngster than check out all the wonderful features of the Little Tikes Kitchen. This playset will grow with your child and provide hours of delight. Imagination in play is important for a child's development and this toy is great for solo play and better with a friend or sibling.

Why Choose a Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen Playset?

One of the best reasons to choose a Little Tikes Kitchen Playset is the durability and flexibility. This provides some peace of mind to money conscious parents. Not only is Little Tikes known for toys with rugged construction and durability, but since Little Tikes recommends the playset for ages 2 to 10 this great set that will provide years of enjoyment to your family. When one child outgrows it, the set can be passed off to another eager child. The versatility is the key feature that makes the Cook N Grill Kitchen such a great buy. The two-sided structure offers both indoor and outdoor style adventures. The pass through window connects the grill area, which features electronic cooking sound and lifelike fabric flames. Your youngster will feel just like daddy! A picnic table and bench seat and a plastic stone-look patio add to the illusion of real outdoor cooking.

Just around the corner, is the interior setting and it, too, boasts a whole host of fun things for your child to explore. A sink with faucet, oven with electronic sounds, dishwasher and a refrigerator with a magnetic door will allow any toddler to play house with all the true comforts of home. The famous "magic" coffeepot with its coffee that seems to disappear will delight children of any age. Not only does the actual playset offer great details and features, but the Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen Playset comes with a chef's hat and 30 accessories to make the experience even more realistic. It is not only compatible with many age groups, but it can be used with other common food and kitchen toys like the line of Melissa & Doug play food and kitchen accessories. It is easy to buy specific accessories to really customize your child's play environment.

The Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen Playset rivals any of the top kitchen playsets on the market today. Fans of the Kidkraft Kitchens will enjoy the Little Tikes take on interactive kitchen playsets. The Cook N Grill is available at fine toy stores around the country and can be ordered online at Amazon and delivered right to your door. This kitchen playset makes a great Christmas present or a birthday surprise that is sure to bring smiles to the face of any young chef.

Little Tikes Inside Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen PlaysetToys that require imagination and allow for interaction between children are top choices. The durability and versatility of this set makes the Little Tikes Inside/Outside Cook N Grill Kitchen Playset one of the best-reviewed and most loved kitchen sets on the market today. Assembly is easy and it only requires a handful of batteries to power the electronic action sounds. It can be set up indoors or outside and will keep your little ones entertained and begin to teach them responsible skills at the same time. Compare the Cook N Grill to other kitchen playsets and it is easy to see why there are so many satisfied customers!