Do your kids already have every toy imaginable and you are trying to figure out what you are going to get them this Christmas? In addition to all of the toys stacked in every room in our house, we have at least ten plastic storage totes on the garage shelves filled with the older toys. The concept that they "need" more toys is silly really and we should be spending good money on clothes or shoes or saving for college. But, when it comes down to it we are getting more toys for the kids to open on Christmas morning because there is nothing like the look on a child's face when they see what Santa brought them. We are doing it for them to bring them joy and we are doing it for ourselves to bring us joy. It is the Christmas tradition that everyone builds up and looks forward to. But let me suggest that you steer away from the latest games and gadgets like XBox Kinect games and instead take a look at the Little Tikes Kitchen. For the little ones, this may be the perfect Christmas gift.

There are several kitchen sets that you will be able to find to purchase for your kids, but they are a little bit plain and may not offer a child with an active imagination everything that they are looking for in a play set. And, if your kids have spent any time with you while you were watching the Food Network (your secret pleasure) then, hey, they will be expecting a little snazzier kitchen setup. The Little Tikes Kitchen fits that bill and much more. There are a lot of great features of the Little Tikes Interactive Kitchen that will ensure that your kids will get a gift they will love.

You will not find another toy kitchen set in any store that you visit that is like the Little Tikes Kitchen. Little Tikes has an excellent reputation for making the best toy kitchens on the market, and they have been making them for several years and they are generally always highly rated for safety and by kids. Chances are that you may have even played with one when you were a little kid, so you already know how much fun these kitchens can be to play with. No matter if you have played with one or not, you have never seen a kitchen that was quiet as interactive as this one.

Being interactive means that it will communicate with your children and it will keep them busy for hours at a time with positive learning and feedback. This kitchen will make the sound of running water as your child turns on the water faucet, it will make the dinging sound of the microwave when the food is done cooking, and it will make the sound of the dishes being shuffled around. This Little Tikes kitchen set will keep your child entertained with so many different noises that your kids will think they are real chefs in a real kitchen. The gourmet Little Tikes Play Kitchen is my favorite just because of all the extra little sounds that it makes and the kids love it as well.

If you are interested in purchasing a Little Tikes Cookin Fun Interactive Kitchen for your children then you may want to take a look at some additional accessories. The toy comes with a few accessories, but you may find that you want to buy some additional ones to make your child's experience even more fun. Also, if you have ever had one of these types of kitchens you know how easy it can be to lose the things that go to it, so you will be able to replace the pieces before they ever get lost by getting some accessories to go with it when you purchase it. The Little Tikes Kitchen is our second toy kitchen and we got it for our niece, but after we saw what happened with all of the disappearing pieces from the first toy kitchen, purchase for our nephew, we bought an accessory pack with the Little Tikes. So far, it has paid off in spades being able to magically come up with the missing pieces.

If you are worried about this Little Tikes Country kitchen being too girly for your little boys you can put your worry away. The colors of the kitchen are neutral so they are suitable for either gender. This means that if you have a boy and a girl you will be able to get hours of enjoyment watching them play together, and you will never have to hear any arguments from your son because of the colors. This is something that Little Tikes has done because they realize that most kitchens that are available on the market come in mostly girl colors such as pink. These kitchens will make you very happy if you are trying to find something that all of the kids can enjoy. And, really, a man that can get interested in the kitchen and cooking as a boy, will be well served later on in life, if for no other reason than feeding himself and impressing the ladies.

If you are looking for a Christmas present or any other type of gift that your kids will love, the Little Tikes Interactive Kitchen will give you everything that you are looking for. You and your children will be able to get a ton of enjoyment from this toy kitchen that makes real sounds, and will allow your children's imagination to run wild. You will have no trouble getting your little boy to play along with your little girl because of the neutral colors that are available to choose from. Do not forget to check into purchasing some additional accessories such as dishes and decals so that there are plenty of extras on hand for when the original things get lost or messed up. The Little Tikes Kitchen is sure to be a number one hit with your kids no matter when you buy it.

One last thing I should mention, I love the Little Tikes Kitchen set for two additional reasons. First, it is made in the USA. Second, the Little Tikes Kitchen is light and no matter what kind of mess is made of the toy you can just take it into the driveway and hose it off and it will be dry and ready to go in an hour.