For most children, having a Little Tikes race car bed is just like having their very own race car. They can imagine themselves going on adventures as play in their bedrooms or as they drift off to sleep.

For little girls who want a race car bed of their own, Little Tikes has a Pink Sports Car twin bed just for her.

Little Tikes toddler and twin size beds are durable like all Little Tikes toys. They are also easy to clean-a plus for busy parents. They make bedtime fun, and most importantly, are comfortable. If a bed is fun a comfortable, your child will stay there where he belongs!

If you are shipping a Little Tikes car bed, wither toddler size or twin size, you will have to assemble it once it arrives at your home. Make sure you have the proper tools to put it together, or if you are not handy, find someone who is to help you.

Little Tikes Toddler Size Race Car Bed

If your son is climbing out of his crib and is showing other signs that he is ready for his first "big boy" bed, then the Little Tikes Toddler Car bed is the one you might consider. Toddler beds use a US standard crib mattress, which you already own. Little Tikes toddler beds are designed for children ages 15 months to five years old.

The Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed
by Little Tikes is red and is based on the beloved character of the hit Disney/Pixar film Cars. It comes with stickers and when you add Cars bedding, it is a bed that your little boy wants to stay and play in.

The Lightning McQueen bed is also available in twin size if you wish to skip the toddler bed phase altogether.


Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed
Amazon Price: $273.47 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 7, 2014)

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed

The Little Tikes Sports Car twin bed will make your son's room a fun place to hang out with his friends or with you. Build for children ages three and up, it accommodates a twin size mattress and box spring. The bed adjusts to two different mattress height levels. The mattress sits low enough so little boys do not roll out as they adjust to a bigger bed without rails.No special bedding is needed for the sports car twin bed. It fits any twin sized sheet and comforter set your child want to have.

The Little Tikes Sports Car bed comes in two cool colors-cherry red, hunter green, blue and
pottery yellow. The bright colors make it a winner for any boy's bedroom.

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed
Amazon Price: $392.60 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 7, 2014)

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed for Girls

Who says only boys love to sleep in car beds? Little Tikes makes a Sports Car Bed for
girls in pink. Your princess can dream away in a bed designed especially for her color preference.

Melissa & Doug Wood Stringing Beads
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Little Tikes Race Car Bed

Before you decide to purchase a Little Tikes Race Car bed for your son or daughter, be sure to measure the bedroom carefully against the dimensions of the bed. Race car beds are bulkier than a regular bed, so you need to make sure you have enough room for it.
If you buy the bed online, there is a significant shipping charge that needs to added to the cost of the bed. You might want to shop at local retailers for the Little Tikes Race Car bed before you make an online purchase.

You may be able to find these race car beds secondhand on Ebay, on Craig's List, at yard sales or at consignment shops. All you need to do is clean up the outside and provide your own mattress.

Both boys and girls will have sweet dreams sleeping in their own Little Tikes Race Car beds. Don't you wish they had cool beds like this when we were kids?