Little Tikes shopping carts brings the world of supermarket shopping right into your home. One excursion all young children go on is to the supermarket with mommy or daddy. Many have children's shopping carts for the kids to push alongside their parents so they can be little helpers. With a Little Tikes shopping cart, your children can have a lot of fun pretending they are at the supermarket with you or by themselves.

Benefits of Little Tikes Shopping Carts

There are many different brands of children's shopping carts available, and best ones are built by Little Tikes. Their plastic design makes them durable for years and years of play. Check out any preschool or day care center and see how well their plastic children's shopping carts have held up through the years. Chances are, if they are in good condition, you will find the Little Tikes label attached to it.

Little Tikes shopping cartIn addition, Little Tikes shopping carts are sturdy. They can hold many items and not topple over like their cheap plastic imitators. Children can use the shopping carts to clean up their toys around the house and not worry about it collapsing because the items inside are too heavy.

The shopping carts can also be used outside for play. Children can collect leaves, rocks, twigs, acorns, pine cones, or anything else on a nature walk and store them safely inside their Little Tikes shopping cart. The plastic wheels last and turn well even on concrete and dirt.

Baby dolls fit easily into the front seat area, just like the kids do at the real supermarket! My kids used to put toy brooms and buckets inside the cart and wheel it around the house and helped me clean with their own cart of cleaning supplies.

Although this is not it's intended purpose, I have seen many children in the preschool where I teach, as well as my own, have races with the shopping carts in front of them. It's almost like they are pretending that they are race cars!

Little Tikes shopping carts are also easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth and the dirt simply disappears.

Another plus is that these toy shopping carts are easy to assemble. Once you get it home to your child and she sees the box, she will not want to wait hours while mommy and daddy try and figure out how to put it together!

Finally, there is really no limit to your child's imagination when playing with a Little Tikes shopping cart.

Styles of Little Tikes Shopping Carts

Toy shopping carts have evolved over the years. Little Tikes used to have only one style of shopping carts in a bright yellow color with an orange basket and now they have many to choose from.

Cozy Coupe Shopping Carts

Little Tikes now makes shopping carts in the style of it's ever popular Cozy Coupe. There is the Pink Princess Cozy Coupe shopping cart (with a purple basket) and the classic red and yellow Cozy Coupe shopping cart. Both of these resemble the car shopping carts found in most supermarkets. Children can place their dolls and teddy bears in the driver seat while they push the back of the cart where the basket is.

Little Tikes Shopping Carts

Now there are a variety of colors to choose when selecting your child's Little Tikes shopping cart. You can now choose from blue/white, pink/white, and yellow/red.

The basket is deep and there is even space underneath the cart to store extra treasures, just like they have at the real supermarket!

From my personal experience, buying your child a Little Tikes shopping cart is one of the best toys you will ever buy. My kids loved theirs and when we finally gave them away, they were still in fabulous condition.