We all know the many health benefits of spending time out of doors and the little tikes range is a great way to encourage our young children to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. The little tikes climbers are great fun for young children and teaches them how to interact well with others.

The little tikes climbers come in a massive range and the only limits are our funds. From simple swing and climb sets to massive playgrounds incorporating slides, climbing wall, tunnels and much more, there is a little tikes climber to suit all budgets. One of the most popular in the range is the little tikes swing along castle and slide.

It is very reasonably priced and will give the children hours of fun. It comes with a safety swing , a slide but much more. It has the all important climber, a lookout point and even a telescope. That's not all though. On top of all that it has the all important wheel for steering ourcastle away from dangerous pirates. A must for all castle owners.

The little tikes swing along castel with slide is a great little playground for the kids and they will be encouraged to spend as much time out of doors playing as possible with this great set.

There are so many benefits to encouraging our children to play out of doors that it is hard to know where to begin. By getting them involved in using their imaginations we are setting the children up well for the future. We do not want their play time to be strictly based around playing computer games indoors. If we show them thebenefits of outdoor activities from a young age they will be much more inclined to continue this as they get older.

The little tikes range is perfect for encouraging this behaviour.

Thankfully all the equipment is very durable so it will last for many years. Because it is also such a popular range we must remember that we will be able to sell it on after the children have grown out of it. This makes it much cheaper than it seems. The climbers hold their price very well so always keep this in mind when you are considering purchasing a littletikes swing along castle and slide or anything else from the range.