Little Tikes Variety ClimberThe Little Tikes Variety Climber is a must have for any family with small children. Anyone that has ever been around young kids knows that once they start crawling and walking they start climbing. Most of the time its furniture and playground equipment not designed for their little bodies and under developed coordination but the Little Tikes Variety Climber was designed with these very things in mind. If you are considering the purchase of the variety climber please read along, you will find out all about where the best places it can be purchased and for the cheapest price, its features, and accessories.


Little Tikes Variety Climber Features and Accessories


The little Tikes Variety Climber comes with many great features for loads of fun including two different slides one is 26 1/2 inch high and the other is 16 inches high, perfect for little ones. Part of the set has a roof that gives it that playhouse look. It has a convertible bridge or tunnel which every you choose a steering wheel, a small climbing net and an anchor kit to secure the Variety Climber to the ground are all included. The set has one major accessory which is the swing set extension that comes with the ropes and two seats. For younger children the purchase of the Little Tikes Highback Toddler Swing may be necessary but for less than twenty dollars it will bring many more times that in fun. An all plastic construction makes this play set very durable for years nearly maintenance free fun.


Places to Purchase the Little Tikes Variety Climber


There are many places online and in local retail stores that you can purchase Little Tikes merchandise like the Variety Climber. Some off the bigger retail stores including Target, Walmart, Sears, Meijer and Toys R Us, online it can be found at all the previously mentioned retail stores web sites and other sites like Little,, and Swing sets and At the time this article was written the Little Tikes Variety Climber could be purchased for $449 at Swing sets and more and most of the other online retailers.

As you can see the Little Tikes Variety Climber is a great investment in your childs free time. Now instead of hours of TV they can be outside in the fresh air using their imaginations. And if the Variety Climber isn't enough you can expand your home play ground with many of the other Little Tikes outdoor toys. For example the Classic Turtle Sandbox, Builder's Bay sand and water table, and many, many other outdoor toys that your children or grandchildren will love. So the next time you want to make a kids day whether it for a birthday, Christmas or just because check out a Little Tikes toy.