Little Tikes wagons are a fun ride for your kids. They are a modern version of the little red wagon many of had years ago. Children love a wagon ride on a beautiful day. When your children are too big for a stroller, but still do not want to walk everywhere, a Little Tikes wagon is a fun and more grown up ride.

Little Tikes is a name synonymous with durability. Made of hard plastic, their products can be left outside and the color will not fade. They can be knocked around by kids and still work fine. They clean up easily with soap and water-no harsh chemicals needed. I know all of this from personal experience. My three kids have used Little Tikes products for years and we just pass them on to others because they are still in excellent condition.

Just as cars have many new features, so do Little Tikes wagons. Here are some models and the upgrades they contain:

Little Tikes Explorer Wagon

The Little Tikes Explorer Wagon is one we have owned since 1997. When our oldest Little Tikes Exlporer WagonCredit: did not want to sit in a stroller anymore, my husband and I would place her the Little Tikes Explorer Wagon with a cushion and a pillow, and she would take a snack and drink. Our neighbors loved to watch our princess be walked around the neighborhood in her cushioned "carriage".

When our twins were old enough to ride, the two of them fit perfectly-until they got too big and heavy!

The sides of the Little Tikes Explorer Wagon come off and the handle folds under. Built for children ages eighteen months and up, it has a 65 pound weight limit per child, and can seat two children comfortably. While it comes unassembled, it is easy to assemble.

Little Tikes Adventure Wagon

Built for children ages eighteen months and up, this basic wagon can fit two children and has a weight capacity of one hundred pounds. Just put your kids in and take a walk!

Little Tikes Ride and Relax Wagon

This made-for-two Little Tikes wagon can hold up to 250 pounds. No need to bring your own pillow-this passenger wagon includes special flip-up seats! It also comes with seatbelts and cup holders. This wagon has removable sides so you can cart around large items easily. It also converts to a bench that adults can easily sit on. The Little Tikes Ride and Relax Wagon is recommended for ages eighteen months and older.

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with UmLittle Tikes Ride and Relax Deluxe Wagon with UmbrellaCredit:

This is the Ride and Relax Wagon with an added feature-a canopy umbrella! Now you can keep the sun out of your children's eyes as you wheel them around the neighborhood, on the boardwalk, at the park or while shopping outdoors. This deluxe wagon also comes with an attached cooler to keep food chilled and drinks cold. When it converts to a bench, even adults can sit and relax covered from the sun.

Little Tikes Cozy Cruisin' Wagon

The Little Tikes Cozy Cruisin' Wagon is for children ages eighteen months and older and seats two children with a maximum weight of sixty-five pounds each. The Cozy Cruisin' Wagon has built in cup holders and a wet/dry storage area to keep extra toys and food out of the way.

Little Tikes Sport Wagon

The Little Tikes Sport Wagon is very similar in style to the old little red wagons. This red wagon seats two children comfortably and has two molded cup holders and backrests for an enjoyable ride.

Little Tikes Wagons are a fun ride for your kids. They last for years, can be used to haul other things while you are on vacation or on a day trip, and are a great investment.