The Little Tikes water table for children is a safe way for your child to play with water without having to go into a swimming pool. Children are fascinated by water and they love to get wet and splash around-just ask anyone who has the pleasure of bathing a child! Little Tikes water tables are an alternative to getting into the pool on a hot day.

Little Tikes water tables have drains that you simply unplug to let the water out. They are very durable and will last until your kids get too big to play with it!


Benefits of a Little Tikes Water Table for Children

Many children have a fear of water or pools. Water play permits a child to engage in the water without getting immersed in a pool.

For other children, especially those with sensory issues, playing in the water is calming. If you do not have a pool available, a Little Tikes water table can provide some kind of help with active water play.

My twins had a Little Tikes water table and they played with it for hours on hot summer days. They wore their bathing suits, splashed each other (and me), and played with their toys while keeping cool.

Even though there is a small amount of water, parental supervision is a must with any water play.

Unlike sand and water tables, water tables do not get as dirty as their counterparts. Sand and water do not make mud in a Little Tikes water table, unless your children dump dirt directly into it.

Water-only tables are also lighter when emptied and easier to move around. Working in the front yard? Bring it there. Working in the backyard? Bring it there! They are very portable.

Different Kinds of Little Tikes Water Tables

Little Tikes has two varieties of water tables-those with sand and those without. These are the water only Little Tikes water tables available:

Little Tikes Island Adventure Water TableCredit:

Little Tikes Island Adventure Water Table

The Little Tikes Island Adventure Water Table comes with many accessories to make water play last a long time. It has rivers, moats, a waterfall, a bridge and winding roads. A boat, a car and a bridge are also included. There is plenty of space for at least three children around the table, making imaginative play more fun and cooperation and turn taking lessons to be learned. It is recommended for ages two years old to six years old.

Little Tikes Anchors Away Water TableCredit:

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table

Pirates and water play-the perfect combination! The Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship, recommended for children ages two years and up, has many bells and whistles to offer the children who play in it. The center mast of the pirate ship is battery operated, keeping it a constant flow water fountain. Spinners move the water, the spinning wheel spins, and the cannon shoots water. The anchor even raises and lowers with a crank!

Little Tikes water tables are a cool treat on a hot summer day. Add some of your own toys to the mix and have a day filled with fun in the sun.