Living the military life usually means you're on a tight budget. Your mil-spouse's or civi-spouse's pay may be on hold along with everyone he works with... But don't panic. I have learned some really neat things on my own when the military puts us in some awkward situations. It makes you smarter if you're like me!
Civilians, I dedicate this one to you, too. With the economy the way it is, it doesn't hurt to benefit from a mil-spouse!

Things You Will Need

Re-use your shower curtain hooks/rings even though they don't match your new shower curtain you just couldn't help but purchasing or snagging from someone else. I have a travel-themed curtain.. the rings are FSU collegiate shower hooks. I flipped them to where the logo on each hook was on the inside of the shower and used them the same way as if they weren't backwards. What's even funnier is I don't have a showerhead rack- I had two of them before I moved 100 miles away from my hometown, but when you're going through a divorce- the showerhead rack is the LAST thing on your mind, I'm sure.
That's okay, just hang your loufa's and other able-to-hang belongings on each of the hooks on the inside.
It works wonders. I have maybe 12-14 hooks I could decorate with bath belongings, but I'm not that much of a shower-junky, LOL.
Hate cleaning your toilet on a regular basis? how about I NEVER clean mine. How does it stay white and shiny? Simple: white Clorox Bleach toilet disks pack... put both disks (yes, there are two in the pack. if not, keep searching in the store until you find it) in the back of the toilet where the pump is. (I'm not a toilet smarty, so forgive me if I can't properly name things!) Dump blue Clorox disks in the toilet as well (both of them) and let that sit in the water for an hour or two before you flush! You will feel as if you have a little toilet maid in there keeping it clean for months. To make a point, I bet I use the bathroom way more than alot of people do- so, don't argue with me about the whole "well you must not use the toilet much" theory.

Smelly vehicle? I got this idea from a friend:
Get a big bucket, fill it halfway with water, grab 4-6 lemons. Cut them in big wedges and squeeze the juice into the bucket- THEN drop the lemon wedges in the same bucket. Put this bucket in the floor of your car and let it sit in the sun all day. Do it for more than a day if you'd like, but hey- lemons don't have preservatives so don't do it for 3+ days!

Can't afford end tables? That's when you go to Goodwill OR to someplace like Ross's Dress For Less store. I bought two beautiful tall plant tables and they worked wonders for end tables. In fact, they're usually lightweight AND you can turn the bottom into a magazine rack or whatever to suit your needs!

Can't afford a bigger suitcase? No Problem, I went on a 2 week trip to the coast- 8 hours away from home. I bought a big $10.00 round collapsable clothes hamper. I had mine and my friend's folded clothes in it. Then in a duffle bag, all toiletries, bath supplies, medications, make-up and hair straightener were together. I used a plastic clothes basket (the short one that you could carry on your waist) to put extra snacks and other food in. Using a big trash bag was risky because it could rip at some point!

Shave about $40- $60 dollars off your electricity bill by turning your hot water heater to low or medium temp.


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