Littlest Pet Shop toys have always been a top selling item for children. The adorable little creatures and the many play sets that are available to go with them are cute and easy to store away when not being used.


When you are shopping for these items, you might find one or two options in your local store and think that is all that there is. The truth is that the world of Littlest Pet Shop toys that you can purchase is much larger then this.


In online stores like Amazon, you will be able to find the full selection of Littlest Pet Shop toys to order and have shipped directly to you. When you go onto these sites, you are going to have a wealth of options to look at. Lets showcase a couple of the top selling ones for you.

Littlest Pet Shop Tree House
Credit: Amazon

Littlest Pet Shop Tree House

The Littlest Pet Shop Tree House is an entertaining toy that reviews say can captivate a child and keep them entertained for hours on end. This is because there are so many great activities that can be done with this one play set.


One of the cooler parts of this toy is that it includes one of the walkable Littlest Pet Shop toys, the chipmunk. He is adorable and when activated can waddle all over the play set and the table on which it is setup.


Other features of this set are the three different playing levels. The levels include a working elevator, a hamster wheel, a hammock for when play time is over and even adorable acorns that can be used to feed the pets.

Littlest Pet Shop Plush
Credit: Amazon

Littlest Pet Shop Plush Toys

Not all of the items that you can purchase from this adorable line are small and made of hard plastic. The makers of this line also have created adorable plush dolls in some of the most popular pets.


The one pictured here is the lamp. She measures at 6 inches and is the perfect size to be carried around. This makes it easy for children to love on their new friend.

Littlest Pet Shop Circus
Credit: Amazon

Littlest Pet Shop Circus

The Littlest Pet Shop Circus is one of the newer play sets. There are three levels for the little ones to create new circus acts on with their friends. This lets the imagination of all run wild and think about running away with the circus.


The Littlest Pet Shop toys are great because they are a collection that you can easily expand on. You can purchase one of the play sets now to get your little one started on playing with these great toys. Later, you can add to it with more creatures and other great play areas. This makes it ideal for anyone and a great present to give. So make sure to order one of the sets today for your little one so that they can start enjoying the world of the Littlest Pet Shop.


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