Death of a close friend or a family is one of the most tragic events that a person may experience in his life. You may even think that you may not be able to move on and feel that pain and sadness for a lifetime. After a death of someone, we experience and go through different things. But eventually, as time goes by, we learn to accept it and move on with our lives.

I have never experienced losing someone close to me until my aunt passed away. The whole family was in shock. We can’t believe that things happened so fast. She was still young and too good to be taken away from us. I even remembered my cousin’s eulogy during the funeral when she said that she can’t believe that her mom passed away, and still even thinks that she is just at home. We can not erase the fact that death is hard to accept, that is why we tend to deny it.

However, you should not let sadness eat you. In spite of this tragedy, you should give yourself some time. Use this time to think things through. We do not know when our time will come, and also the fact that she is already up there happy with God experiencing no sufferings at all. Moreover, you can use this time to talk more often with Him. Ask for His guidance and for strength. For He never let those people who believe in Him go astray.

Moving on is never easy. Therefore, you should let your loved ones in; allow them to help you move on and to keep your company. Both of you experienced the same heartbreak, so why not help each other to cope? You’re a family, and family should stay together no matter what they are going through.

You should also keep in mind that you have yourself to take good care of. Have a hearty meal, exercise and a meaningful conversation everyday. Never let yourself be depressed. It is okay to be sad, but being sad for too long won’t do you any good.

But beyond all of this, never forget all of the happy memories that you’ve shared with that person. It may hurt at the start thinking that you will never have those days again with that person, but be thankful enough that you were able to share it with her. Treasure every moment with her and never forget her just to ease the pain.

We should accept and move on if a sudden loss occurred. It may be very painful, but we should be thankful to God for giving us such a great person to keep our company in this wonderful world we are living. Death is one thing that no man can ever run away from. So let us enjoy our everyday lives as if it is our last, cherish every moment with the ones you love. Because we do not know if that day may be our last.