How many times have you found yourself stuck in one of those embarrassing moments, and you have forgotten to remember those important words, live laugh love? Have you ever embarrassed yourself by falling down in front of people you consider highly important? Or maybe you have taken a drink of something only to have it dribble down your chin? Each moment passes by as quickly as it has come, by embracing the words live laugh love you can quickly turn your thoughts of embarrassment around, and turn those humiliating moments into positive and quirky memories that you can share with your family, friends and colleagues. Laugh now, cry later and then laugh again.

Things You Will Need

The ability to think outside the box.

Step 1

Focus your thoughts on humor instead of focusing on the embarrassment of the situation. After all it may be pretty funny, even if it is one of several silly or embarrassing moments. When you are feeling a little shaken up after a quick tumble in a public setting, repeat the words live laugh love to yourself. Remind yourself that each embarrassing moment is yet another opportunity to laugh at yourself. If other's see you laughing they are like to join in with your laughter, perhaps even offering subtle, silly jokes to lessen the humiliating blow.

Step 2

Do not try to act like nothing happened, because something did just happen and perhaps you have drawn a lot of attention to yourself, during one of many embarrassing moments. Shake off the embarrassing moment, acknowledge that you are human and this is funny after all. Live. Laugh. Love. Sometimes acting like the situation did not happen makes it worse. Do try the good old fashioned way of laugh now, cry later. It is likely that you may not even feel the sensation to cry later. People who laugh actually live longer than those that do not laugh.

Step 3

Keep in mind that just because you do look like an idiot that you are not an idiot. Consider the fact that most everyone you have ever met has put themselves in embarrassing moments at some point throughout their lives, funny or not. It is very likely that somewhere, some place someone else is doing the exact same thing as you. Keep that thought on the surface of your mind during your mortifying brief moment of time. In a quirky way, this may actually help you to laugh now, cry later. Perhaps even let out a little chuckle, because here you are in the moment of Live, Laugh, Love. It really is just another moment.

Step 4

Imagine how your friends may act while you are in your moment of embarrassment. Friends laugh at friends and they often make each other feel better and perhaps this is why it is so easy to live laugh and love. You can also imagine how your friends may act when you share your embarrassing moments with them. Perhaps the very same thing has happened to them previously.

Step 5

Finally think of your embarrassing moments being put on America's funny home videos and how many people would watch the show with their families and laugh. It may be a shame no one got that on video, and if they did perhaps you could be one of the ten thousand dollar winners, just for accidentally being hilarious. Even if your humiliation did not get put on video, it is still worth it to find the humor in every situation, and to laugh now, cry later. They say that humor is the best medicine. If all else fails then simply remember those three important words, live laugh love, and hopefully that will pull you through your embarrassing moments.


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